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Hello in this week's show an appeal for support for afghanistan's people from antonio guiterrez who also warns that we're at a tipping point for climate action. We also hear from the fifth and final commission of inquiry report on burundi. It still talking of crimes against humanity and will travel to yemen for an update on the impact of the conflict on the country's most vulnerable people. All this and more in this week's you and catch up nine geneva. I the news with katie outfit. This is news in brief from the united nations. Humanitarian operations have expanded across afghanistan in response to mounting. Humanitarian needs. Fueled by drought and conflict u n relief teams have said the un migration agency iom said on thursday that five hundred families affected by drought flash floods and conflict in kunar and nangarhar provinces have now received non-food and emergency items more than five thousand people in kabul ghazni and other districts of also received shelter and core relief items in recent weeks. The agency said in a statement. The development follows a un. Flash appeal afghanistan on monday in geneva where u. n. Secretary general antonio guitarist urged the international community to offer a lifeline to millions of vulnerable afghans. The international community must find ways to make cash available to allow the afghan economy to breathe. A total collapse would have devastated consequences to the people and risk to this stabilize. The neighboring countries with a massive outflow humankind has reached a tipping point on the need for climate action. Un secretary general antoni terrorists that on thursday as new data showed that the world is not on track to slow down global warming disruption to our climate and our planet is already worse than we thought. And it's moving too fast pace than predicted. Mister guitar said the launch of a report by u n and global scientific pun organizations could united in science. We now have five times. The number of recorded whether disasters than in one thousand nine hundred seventy and the are seven times more costly. The un chief added in an appeal for urgent action to address human induced climate..

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