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Leaders of the communist wound meet in warsaw to sign the treaty which is iran so to nato and the soviets respond by creating their own sort of nato it was called the warsaw pact and the it had communist nations that were under soviet influence that poland bulgaria czechoslovakia hungary of course east germany and they were a military alliance of their own so you saw these two groups of military allies facing off against each other all times maintain its own strength as long as the possibility of aggression exists only does can we save cod that piece for which the people of the world and how does this new organization nato operate day to day i was it funded has it function well there isn't a completely separate nato military force of any time they don't have their own army instead they hold together the military forces of each of the member countries at over time they learn how to train together and put their doctrine together but the whole thought is that they just get organized under one european supreme commander appointed by the united states and of course it's the us has always been at the core of nato because if had the biggest forces if had the most money and it had the most sophisticated intelligence and of course britain the united states later france had nuclear weapons and the whole idea was that if you pull these together you cry create a pretty fearsome deterrent and in fact that's pretty well worked what do you mean that it worked think about all the wars that didn't happen we never saw nuclear war breakout in europe although it was threatened frequently in the fifties and sixties and of course the soviets knew that the united states was keeping missiles in turkey nuclear weapons in belgium that another words forces were forward deployed and under some nato control or could be moved to nato control fairly quickly and that made them think twice so the original idea of nato which is the symbolism of all of these countries kind of locking arms militarily and assuring each other that they will go to war to protect one another this has its desired goal of keeping the soviet union at bay absolutely it plain old worked and it i was in retrospect a pretty genius invention it's probably truman's greatest single legacy so nato is working and the soviet union falls in the nineteen eighties so it seems like that would be a highly logical time for nato which was created to protect europe against the soviet union to dissolve absolutely i mean that question came up very quickly after nineteen eighty nine really dominated debate in george h w bush's administration as the soviet union was breaking apart and the question was just a very basic one which is doing the show anymore we won you know we don't have this huge coking soviet union with the power to expand across europe anything russia which inherited the soviet union's nuclear weapons and all of its problems appear to be franking the rationale for nato was just falling apart and there were a lot of people saying it should simply disband that there was just no political reason anymore and no military reason to hold onto it but that's not what happened the daily showcases.

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