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I like it shows that. Do you want to say peaky. Blinders peaky blinders. It's like yeah show. I heard two. Who's in it. The girl from queens gambits. Yes yes she's in it and also the guy from batman the villain. What's his name. He's the lead. And i don't know eric rowe. He played scarecrow name. Evans i think so. I don't know yeah. It's a good show for anybody is looking for something new to get into so this next one i. I'm sure you guys are going to get it. It's a very very popular show was in a hot stove. Show i stand with all the people love. I got into it the first season and then kind of dropped off. Yeah i got really idea. No idea bassey. Yeah the big bang theory everybody. That show is good like the first. Abc's and a half. And then for some reason. I just lost interest in but it has like a very cult following with its fans which is good the next show this one. Oh my god. I was so obsessed with this show for the longest time. I wonder if any of you so media but you it sounds really familiar. Actually dink dink hot team. Boys running around half naked saved by the bell. Yes eddie ideas. Any any suggestion. I know you know this one. I know you do bash. She give up any guesses teen wolf. Yeah i got into it in of that show. It was so good. Maybe because our hot boys i dunno but it was good. Okay next when you guys will know this when ready it starts to love. Yeah off your phone. I was looking exactly exactly me. Because i told everybody texting. While we're they've rob gave us pretty like nobody get on your phones while we are recording attention. What was this bitch doing. She was on her own. I had to look it up. I gotta find out what the guys name cillian murphy anyway. That's what i was doing. So what is that. show eric. lee right lee. Yes which after the third season when they got a new cast just went downhill but i remember. This show is very true to me because what county. Yeah can you hear me we lost. You're gone i'm here. Can you hear you can blame everybody. Welcome to the who invited her. Podcasts townie boy cat. We're gonna turn his jaws earrings. Can you guys hear me. Yes or no. Can you hear me to no right thinking. Okay we're back so with glee e you'll appreciate this bash. This show reminds me of whenever are really good friends. Who danny boy. Who is on our first season. 'cause when we used to be my old roommate we're used to sound so sad. We used to watch this show all the time and there have been times when coco's was around. If anybody remembers coco's restaurant we would go get high. We get a full pie in a bitch. Have good pies. Did coconut cream chocolate cream chocolate cream. Yes eric best one all they used to have this like harvest pie that was like pumpkin. Cranberry snow marquette. There was one ego state and we used to really drunken high are they. Many went out of business. Isn't that sad homophobic danny boy in or is it. Maybe they're like these guys. Don't need pie. This city watching lee. No they do not ads roommate. Used to work for cocos and that was back when i was a big donor and she would bring home after dozen pie every day. That is like my. That is my favorite. Oh my god. I love pie any day. Oh no i'm makeover pie. I have to have my mci pi-pipeline no not your cookies. We have it on record. You'd rather have a low carb low. Your diet right now in this is making it. Lets you.

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