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Contractors residential commercial industrial servile serves it all reds trailed three nothing after the brewers had batted in the first inning reds chipped away. Score two runs of the fifth. They added the tying run in the six. They went tied to the ninth with two outs gives up back to back doubles to Christian yelich and then Ryan Braun for a four three brewer lead reds put the leadoff batter onto the bottom of the ninth. Kurt Caselli doubles. They pinch run for Michael Lorenzen. David bell ops to not bunt with shetler vitamin tweet. Coming up Shutler strikes out vodka flies out to left. Puig pops up foul ballgame over four three the final in a game that lasted three hours and thirty one minutes that was witnessed by the smallest crowd of the history of great American ballpark seven thousand seven hundred and ninety nine but they were a vocal crowd when it came to the Wu which seemed to drive people nuts tonight. The other bad news hundred green, we'll have Tommy John surgery. He is done for what we can assume as the next at least the next twelve months. All right. A quick follow up a John Fay, ask David bell. If he considered having shetler bunt in the ninth. He did. But quote now, but we didn't for several reasons chief among them was likely that hater stuff is so nasty. Again, I get everybody thinks it's easy to bunt square round. And turn the battery. Just wait for the ball. Just tap it. That's one of a handful of the nastiest pitchers in baseball point to is. Would you rather have three chances to do something or two chances to do something? David bell opted for three chances. Unfortunately, none of three delivered and the reds fall. Four three the final. Let's go to the phones we begin in Amelia, Mike, you were on seven hundred w w welcome. All right. Thanks for taking my call. Real quick real estate by one hundred green. That's. Guy. Right. There really is. I don't think. Our number one number two. I think if you if something about like. Tip. It. Getting better position. Got up. Very rare. But you have a passed ball. I'm also see on the regular TV broader wide out. I don't know what would be with us four score. But I just think you know, you gotta you gotta hitter. What is it that a battle? I think I I would have bought it. I know that in the league. But I think that would have been a part of the manager job. Not to put a best player in the best position to succeed. Do you think asking Scott shetler to bunt is putting him in the best position to succeed? Yeah. I think you've got a better out. Oh, really? Do you really believe that asking him to square around and bud against the ninety eight mile an hour? Fastball is easier for him to do then. Swing like he normally does overnight. Yeah. But he's not over nine for his career. I mean, he's oh for nine in the first two games. Plus, I mean, he's last year is on base percentage was three thirty three. That's exactly the average of a major league baseball leadoff hitter. So he was an average leadoff hitter year ago. Okay. That's fair. That's fair. I just think he's I think he swings more than he Bunce. And I think it's incredibly difficult to bunt versus Josh ater. I agree. I agree. I I don't know. I just I guess I'm old school when it comes to all. Mike. And I appreciate you. Listen, I think it's really cool that you call dude against some time. Thank right, right. Thank you. Yeah. I look. I know it and I'm not one who reconstructs the inning that. Well, had they butting of over then vodkas five escorting. We we don't know that you're assuming that EMMY why who who's to say hater would have pitched vodka the same way with a runner on third. Do you think he's not going to change his strategy, though is approached joy? So I I don't I don't let people reconstruct innings and say it would've worked for that reason. I just think you're underestimating how incredibly difficult it is to bunt how incredibly difficult it is to but against him. And if this was a runner on first base, I might be examining this from a different angle. I doubt it, but he was already the rudder was already in scoring position. So David bell decided to take three cracks at a hit the tie the game instead of two cracks tied the game. It just seems like simple math to me. It's it's like the modern math of major league baseball. You don't give up out cell phone, and we go we'll you're on seven hundred wwl w the Kelsey Chevrolet extra rating show. Wondering why they would not consider walking.

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