John Hickenlooper, Denver, President Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Newsradio time is to former governor John Hickenlooper officially launched his twenty twenty presidential campaign. Thursday listening. Colorado's many successes under his watch and taking several swipes at President Trump while promoting vision of the more unified country, I without even mentioning the president's name. It's time to end this American crisis that division. It's time. Together. President of the United States. Twenty minutes Hickenlooper outlined a progressive democratic campaign platform that includes a green economy single payer healthcare zero emissions at a country that has he says includes hope see is reopened. I seventy over the Vail pass and through the ten mile canyon following several avalanches Thursday. However travel is completely being discouraged cleanup operations continue on state highway ninety one CBS fours. Matt Coles shell has been there at the site of where three cars were earlier buried. It's fifteen feet deep in places. That's why those three cars were buried in its trees in rocks and all sorts of debris. Not just snow US six over the Loveland pass will remain closed overnight possibly into Friday morning due to the adverse, conditions and speaking your Friday, the arapahoe basin says it hopes to open tomorrow, but they do not plan to open at nine AM a statement from the ski area says they'll wait until the mitigation work has been completed. They encourage skiers to stay away from. A base and until they can set a time to reopen the resort Denver police say that they're looking for a man who has been sexually assaulting other men in his mini van in low door for possibly years. Denver cops say the pattern of assault began possibly in two thousand thirteen a suspect speaks both English and Spanish with a high pitched voice. It's possible. The man poses as a driver. Denver. Police are concerned. There may be additional victims who have not reported the assaults. Our next news update at two thirty Roger Hudson. Newsradio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM..

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