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Let it roll that sounds good doesn't it that ought to get your toetapping right there boy that sounds good nice big here speaking of picking yeah pick what you want to do this weekend to tell you picks them corn corn yeah i was looking all the events at rosie on the house dot com prescott frontier days is kicking off that'll be a great great event and no a couple of people going up there already and that's one because pop rosie's birthday was always on the fourth of july we're always doing something with grandpa that be on my to do list this time well you missed you missed the prescott fourth of july rodeo to a ten to ten oh yeah yeah that would be nineteen seventy six i just i just got in the new jeep cj fine and i spent the two hundred birthday celebration of this country out on the airport grounds of prescott airport embry riddle airport because that's where they had the fireworks show and they had a spectacular party you're on in the cba queen id we did they were filming junior bonner yeah but we didn't run into moran to the crew that was a fourth of july celebration to remember their prescott nineteen seventy six and the following week and impressed kit on the fourteenth is the twenty first annual indian art market at the town square then the following week you've got to pay some book festival and but kicking off the sweet corn trail starts out at apple annie's i think next july seventh apple down south camp verdes the following weekend i believe john jay haven't how many how many of the sweetcorn trails stops if you made well actually i don't know what you're considering the sweetcorn trouble we've got some pretty good sweetcorn for another week or so right here in the valley yes and mesa mark freemen's corn patch and thomas offs over on the west side and our friends at russo on the reservation grow lots of great sweet corn the corn fest sedona verde valley on the nineteenth there's a fort verdict corn festival on the twenty first can't birdie on the twentieth so the the nineteenth twentieth and twenty first busy time in the valley area if you want a lot of corn and i got crawls up the general crook trail lands up on up around williams and you and there's sometime around snowflake snowflake taylor no flake taylor's probably about labor day yeah so from now till the end and i cannot remember the website but i think julie murphy had it last year where you could go fine alright worse whereas we corn you know you can grow stop of the weekend for the next twelve weeks you could eat corn to it comes out you or lots of ears of corn anyway we'll pick it the guys here in town probably this weekend through about the fourth of july in there about done and it was the ones and mesa because she picked him up on her way in yes yeah we just ate it raw just raw don't even have to cook it good stuff that's the test a really good corn well that is one adventure maybe you haven't put on your bucket list as you wanting to get to know arizona but the sweet corn trail takes you through the summer start you down south runs through phoenix up through camp verde up on top of the rim the general crook trail up to taylor snowflake it's a great way to stop and spend maybe corners of the rule corners of the state you haven't seen before you can find things in evinced to do it rosie on the house.

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