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Is a beautiful place. Right. Wouldn't you say towel city, I would say I mean it's really gorgeous. It's on lake here on, and it's, it's such a laid back summer kind of place that. I mean, even the birds are laid back. I just saw female Mallard crap top. Really? Yeah. Yeah. So it's kind of place just realize fries, you didn't ask if it needed a ride, well, speaking of with its joke coroner. No joke telling me about corner related gentle, but I would not tell with showgirl because he wanted to beat it. He wanted to react, spontaneously with the joy that he do. I was gonna feel just to that crap. Yeah. That was that was a good that might have been it. In fact, maybe if a Mallard was in a field was in a oakfield, and it was a crop top without have been funnier because odors, the crap. Oh, it is a crop huh. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's funny. Or on a silo. Silo. Yeah. Oh, that could be funny title. I want to have you take your mind back in time. Okay. So far to to last year. When I told a very good joke. Tell us joke. All this wasn't really supposed to be a joke. It was a mind bender in the mind bender Chris, I'm actually joked today. But the mind bender was that Napoleon met his Waterloo at Waterloo. Yeah. You know. And then there was another one about the late great Irish focused, Richard Harris. And this is kind of fun fact too. And this was that Richard Harris, he had himself he got himself into a real. Donnybrook. Donnybrook. This is this is more of a story. Okay. And as you told me that when earlier, right? Yeah. I don't quite remember it, but I'm just reminding you of chokes pass got a lot of postcards from our listener. I this next the reliable same kind of. That like that. But this is everyone's anxious to hear. This is a little longer. This is about joing Kerry, Joe and Terry are two guys who live in Mali in west Africa. You with me so far? I'm just chilling. Okay. So join Terry live in Mali, west Africa. And Joe Terry, jeez. I gotta spend the weekend at my granny's house. Okay. Which one said this Joe Joe and Terry said what's wrong? Don't you love your granny? Joe says, of course I love my granny, but she lives out in the country, you know, it's worl- here in Mali in west Africa, and the problem, I love my granny, but she doesn't have WI fi shows at any internet service, and he doesn't have cable TV. I said, that's crazy, where could she live not to have that? And I don't know out in Timbuktu somewhere. Wow. So that brings us to. Maybe we should. I would chilling until at the cable. I've just hurting today. You can see why. Thing. And let's hit a little motel coroner because we had photography corner yesterday. And, you know, we open it up to listeners should it be photographers coroner or photography coroner, I did get an Email from new listener, Christina. And she said Deere, Bob, please stop mentioning my name on your show. Okay. Okay. Well, that's easy. Okay. That's solves it so motel corner. And you wanted to mention something about the amenities that were provided. Well, I was surprised at the level of syrup of manatee that receive the for example, the little bar of the bar of hand, soap, you know, you get those at a hotel, they're generally kind of small, and there are motel, motel corners, I would just called. Yeah. This coroner. This is a regular feature. Okay. So in the motel not the hotel, I opened up the little pack of soap in this pack of soap was actually the size of a quarter look like I guess the old fashioned. Straight razor blades. That's a good comparison. If any of our folks listening to the show are thinking of slashing their wrists right now. It was about the size right of regular race. Yeah. Yeah. Two people out at are objecting. I don't know. I just thought I heard some wildlife bursting through the bushes to try and stop us. I'm thinking I'm sorry to hear laughter all over the place. I think the Jodi already it has it has a mosquito bit me. And it's transmitting that joke all over the par. And also, I notice this, those amenities did you notice a little sign on the sink that it said, if you forgot to pack some say like tooth pressure, some item has come to the front desk for a complimentary item. So I came to the front desk, and I forgot my toothbrush and the women's said you're looking good today. Yes. Yeah. That's another joke that I did not know is coming to. That was a good one too. Yeah. What's, what's happening is something Orioles over there. Had that fire away bird, look, all of your face and everything else. And then it's just down to business. Down to business next Saturday. We're going to be at the graph nature center, and we're giving talk on feather brain, my new book, feather brained further brain, and that's my new memoir about how I learned to become a bird might fumbling quest to become a burder and find a rare bird on my own. Check at Amazon dot com and your local please, please pay is your local bookstore. Well, I got my kindle. There you go. You went to the kindle store, but I had to say I did order online as well. Paid you pay. I paid for two, I was going to give you one well that was a long time ago that came out, and I figured well, looks like I'm not going to get what I did get a complimentary if from the publisher. Why say the first ten pages did I? They were very fast reader. I just sent him a few at a time, but we're graph nature center in Holland Michigan on Saturday, too late for any of you, folks. It was a great talk. Yeah. Thanks a lot. But we are supposed to also possibly take some birds out or some would be burgers out to show them how to bird and I'm kind of nervous about that. Because I have no idea what to tell them. I look up. Yeah. And then listen. Listen identify said walk. But is I go ahead. The prime is when you and I are all birding what we do seems like magic Mitchell seems like ordinary person just, you know, throw an arm out to the left and I say Baltimore Orioles. I throw an arm out to the right. And I say, Baltimore Oriole. It seems like magic. That is magic right there. Yeah. I don't know how you magic that was an Oriole right there. I don't know how you can live magic live magic and just talking about showing an arm out there. There was the Baltimore and yesterday when we saw the full disclosure you did throw your arm out. I did. And now I have it in a sling. So what's next I had I don't know. I have something that's species list Cup that doesn't make any sense. Two. I must of list. Yeah. To say. Cramp. Oh, they're sees list. Oh, I know what it is clip. You see this here. Clip? I have this little notebook. And right now, this little notebook is holding v very important notes to this show. Right. Has he can't do a podcast like this without very specific notes. People think this isn't scripted. But every word is scrip everywhere descriptive. So anyway, this is my species list notebook. And when I go birding I'm pulling it out of my pocket all the time. And I'm writing down Baltimore Oriole to and something like that. And so, but I keep pulling it out of my pocket. And putting it in again, the pages start getting all wrinkled a little spiral notebook in the pages get all wrinkled, and it's just a wrinkly mess. And so what I've done here Bill, I, I wish this was a video awhile. I have put a little clip on the bottom of the spiral notebook and it holds all the pages flat. This is going to revolutionize bird. It will. I should have go site and should, you know, collect money to develop this product on the go, f- me site. I wanted I want you to demonstrate this on the book character, Bill home Facebook page. Oh, that's good video that wait, what's this fine here? Holy cow. Oh, robin. Robin. Well, I mean, I hope I didn't because fleeing by Armata turn the bird into a Baltimore Orioles. So I think that merely brings us to the unbelieving of the first half, we're at towers point, I was gonna do another photography coroner. But, you know, I was going to go into all the technical aspects of taking photos of birds. But I guess we just don't have time for anything informational what go into all the technical aspects of taking photographs of birds. Suddenly, stop setting the shutter speed center that there is so but I know we don't have time for information, the shows, too fast, moving content, frankly, it's all about entertainment as well. It is. And once again, I would like to thank the folks at filler Inc for providing so much content for the show..

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