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Inside the blocks at several balconies to allow air to circulate throughout the house. They decorated opulent Lii and filled the property with gorgeous furniture and the finest art the couple regularly threw lavish parties and were irregular feature in the society pages of the local paper. So all we may know a lot about we may not know excuse me. We don't know a lot about our thoughts is we do have historical documentation that she liked to party not gonna let six kids stop that. Like all public lives. The attention was a double edged sword in the case of Dell FINA Louis or Lewis. It would swing back to cut their heads off. Right. By the end of eighteen thirty two just a year after moving in the marriage had began to sour and the two hill but separated, so maybe it's the location. That's haunted. You know, nothing. Nothing weird is written about her until she moves here by Tober of eighteen thirty two rumors of the lottery, strange slave abuse begins to circulate or begin to circulate around New Orleans. Also in the fall of eighteen thirty two delphin, and Dr Lori petitioned the court to free one another of a two free. Excuse me to free another one of their slaves. Kind guest your or more cruelty? I guess gesture. I'm immense. Say gesture on November sixteen to eighteen thirty two Delfi and petitions for from four Jesus in a fish oil separation from Lou is the charge was Lewis was beaten her. Remember, these French wants to Lewis comes up Louis Louis if I go back and forth. It's the same dude. Her historians disagree as to whether or not this abuse actually happened. They'll FINA system that the abuse was ongoing. Here's a foreign statement from her Representative in court on the twenty six Tober last in the presence of many witnesses the said Louis Alary went so far as to not only ill-treat her, but was to beat and wound her in the most outrageous and brutish manner wherefore the plaintiff praise your honor to authorize her to sue her said husband for a separation from bed and board and Thenceforth to grant her decreed that they be separated from bed and board to authorize her to live separately from her said husband, so. You know, probably probably was being this makes me think that this new guy did beat her. She didn't seem to be one to make you know, a fictional claims. There's no record of her doing this with either one of her first husband's. So that's interesting to me as I as I think about what goes on coming up. This of course, is not usually brought up in a folklore of the subject. But yeah, definitely has questions the narrative, right? One question is edge questions. One question is were there was there any correlation between the freemen of the slave and Delfin cessation separate from her husband, you know, in some accounts. Both these events happened on the same day..

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