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Challenge this week. Anyway. Hell or high water? I'm getting there and doing a stand up and Matt said to me, I think last week he said, we got you set up at the ice house. You're going long. I've been doing twenty minutes, but compete, a little windy sometimes. And so they're giving you just give me fifteen minutes. And I said. They're giving me fifteen. So I go to explain right? He said, no they want their fifteen minutes. They said fifteen minutes. And I said do they they gave me twenty and I've been going past twenty. I think they're trying to get me to twenty gave me fifteen to get money. Like, I don't I don't know. They said fifteen and we had this back in this fourth where we never really knew. And I showed up at the ice house. And it said my name and said twenty minutes, so man, whatever I was saying you they said fifteen because they mean twenty right on ever forget, the converse steered into your Brian. I I was wearing right moment. So in my mind on something because I thought they were saying they weren't saying to less time. They're saying do the time we greed on. And we know what to order to get you to do that. Tell you fifteen tell the relative or the friend show up at a certain time knowing they're going to either be early or late depending on how the friend is. Right. But isn't it just up to me only to deliver the information being provided because I'm looking back at the Email? And I've got multiple EMAS where he just says fifteen I understand the connection you're making. But for my purposes, I'm strictly trying to talk about what the venue was say. It's not Matt's connection to make right. The message. Well, one is I value your input Matthew, so. Ating out loud. I'm not saying I want the truth Damase, backhand you. I'm saying I'm thinking out loud in front of you. And I you and your your wisdom can can weigh in window negligent. And that's that's why that's part of why I'm doing it. But also, I don't know what the exchange you had is like, I don't know if you talk to someone and the guy said, look, I'm gonna tell them to do fifteen because he goes over every time or I don't know. I don't know if there's a discussion or what the exchange was I just know the fifteen part. So I'm just saying out loud. Not not a critique of you, Matt when I'm saying is. People sort of say what? People are trying to get a result. And they oftentimes say different things to try to get said result anyone's been in a relationship knows that's out works. And I really would have kept it to fifteen if I thought they wanted to keep the fifteen, but the fact that they printed twenty when I got there just meant that or that. No one knows what they're doing. Anyway, that makes me want to attack the Booker, by the way. How dare you lie to meek it, sir? I took my I did the only thing I could do I think that do which is brought my iphone with me up on stage and put the timer on it. I'm always paranoid skin start ringing. Her do something and nineteen minutes in thirty seven seconds. I just started a rapid rampant down. All right. Thank you. So that was that was that little vignette was kinda cooked cooked, and you should know. And Marc Garriga doesn't watch it probably. Because of that. I mean that you, you know, you, you know, what the answer is going to be he's gonna look bad. And it's always going to do is find stuff and go. That's not right. You can't do that. Right. And it's like we talk about all the time. If you're if you already have the truth on your side leave it now. Right now. This makes you question other parts of documentary that were very believable. Yep. Right. Let me tell you about car and oh sorry Castro. That's wanna do then. We'll take a quick break and come back with some rotten tomatoes Castrol edge stronger under pressure has thing about the audience. I'll yelling out three times Castro with fluid. Titanium transforms.

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