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It's bad as allies plan. Guess who's Kuba QB are is worse than alive. The Dak Prescott. This is a giant. That you do that. So just I got a wrap this up. Okay. I just have to see this because this also written my guts out last night, walk tombs first touchdown pass. It is so ill, advised. It is so dangerous. If we could, please just see that it's the rollout Rier throw across the body Nutro out. He's he doesn't even really see where he's going to throw the. He whips it sideways across his body and what is Alec oval dri doing? He's got the short zone. Of course he'd already fouled somebody so they have to play wouldn't account in any, but Ogle tree number fifty. Two really good linebacker. He just watches the football. That's your football. That's the one you pick off and car. Carson Wentz would create a committed the cardinal sin in the remedy Bombeck zone, inter seventy two Baalbek new already pass away with this. Is it another to be? What is we do skill? I just can't. I walk. I don't wish evil. Just throwing balls up for growers. Getting away with it. He knows where you throwing. But of course he's got alshon Jeffery. He's got a true number one receiver, and he's got maybe the best catching tied in and pro-football Zakar. Go reputa- up. I just wrapped it. That in there I'm just saying my guy didn't have any of that today Jerry's. Okay. Okay. Would Walker, we'll tire, Ohio, Ohio g go, get them. The Cowboys offense hit rock bottom. Skip and Shannon will make their picks. The Cowboys are three point underdog at home against the Jaguars on Sunday. Dallas is averaging just under seventeen points a game, and now they're facing Jags team that is ranked. Number one in total defense drama has been circling. The Cowboys locker room all week after Allan Hearns call out the play calling and then took shots at the entire offense, including his quarterback Dak Prescott said about her, his comments, quote, things have been addressed. We're great. All right, Shannon, this is going to win that one. Before I'd say who's gonna win. I don't know if they're great, but I think that does a great job of deflecting and hamlet, like leadership, you just gave him a compliment. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Calmly are year. I gotta give compliments. I'm very parsimonious with my communist, but when they're deserved, I have no problem. Doling them out. I won't take the Jags. I'm gonna take the Jags twenty four thirteen. I liked it for house black Puerto could score twenty four points on my defense because that do you love might have you seen that play this year? No, I guess not. Yeah. Have you seen how many to basically watch the defense? Then? I go in the other. I I don't. don't play. You don't believe what I would do because what he did in two thousand with the ravens, they watch our defense office come on the field. They go get drink. I just think when you got boy, you got Ramsey outside, not that they're going to be needed, but you really can play man across the board and if you need to. But I think because the Jags are so good defensively with their front front, seven, those linebackers comply around to the football. They go make life very difficult. Zeke. I can see a very similar situation. Would Zeke probably struggles running the football kind of like he did last week against the Texans forced to ball into that Prescott hand forced him to beat your football to those tools and fuel receivers that he has. And let's see ala hers knows what he knows. Jalen Ramsey he knows that deepens. He probably knows somebody that call they're called..

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