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Had entered his home, where with a cleaning service, and he says, judging from the quality of their work. A really good one. And finally, it did not rain for forty days and forty nights it rained for forty inches and that proved too much for the multi-million dollar. Noah's ark theme park in northern Kentucky. Arc adventure it costs a grownup. Forty eight bucks to get into the park which opened in two thousand sixteen with the help of about sixty two million dollars. In junk bonds, perhaps, you've heard of it, with its five story high replica of the Old Testament arc it's founder believing the story of the great flood to be literal history. That he says is how we got the Grand Canyon and that life on this planet only survived, including the Noah, who is the approach the age six hundred spent seventy of his later years, building a very large boat. He also believes the dinosaurs roamed, the earth at the same time, they didn't you have to sign a document the clearing homosexuality a sin in order to work at Arkan venture, and that you are a church going, Christian, the flooding from that forty inches of rain in two thousand seventeen did about a million dollars damage to the park with the arc quoting one of the inscriptions, at one of the park's attractions, the Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth. The ark park is now suing. It's insurance company for one million dollars for not covering the damage from what could only be described as an act of God. I must Burbank. Thanks for shopping, my sponsors, and the pay pal button at buzz Burbank dot com. I'll be.

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