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If you missed the live show, you can find the recording on itunes Spotify or YouTube the following day. Check it out at a lot of fun, and you get to see a little bit more of our producer Danny's personality and my phone just rang in the background. Popping off doing with us in studio. We have Tom Haine from Walking Dead. You got real socked in the bay in the show is very very in. You thinks it's very rough house e and eight knows stunt men hanging around everyone on the show just jumps in and gets involved. And that was my rude awakening to the show being chased around field by Newman and then him grabbing me and punch me in the face in as a saying everyone his when they first join which is welcome to the Walking Dead. And this it was said in this kind of like just doing a cult into the working day watch live on the why? Why YouTube street? Do what they say your life will be a lot better. Here are gorgeous sin goes. All right before. I intro. The champ champ. Let me tell you something back in two thousand eight or something like that. Ryan Bater was going to be our guest blogger on him. It may junkie, right? And remember go on all right? Zona state wrestle seems like. Solid guide to to give behind in one of these you call it a turnament the calls at the toughest tournament is sports. But you gotta make wait three times four times. And you don't wanna take as much damage. So also. Yeah, I always hoping are blogger did. Well, and of course, he won the season. But man, what a career this guys had along the way be Vinnie mug alliance. You saw Vinnie's careers blossomed. He was in the finals there at PF L little dog one of the legends from days. Quinton jackson. Former you've see light heavyweight champ and a former pride middleweight champ. Ladimir manage Shinko feel couple conto couple county held a strikeforce light heavyweight title as well at one point. He became MO if you recall, oh, S P. Phil Davison NC two HMO. Also, a belt or light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans of former you'll see light heavyweight champ Queen Latifah little dog again Queen latifah's really either Latifi Phil Davis again Lynton sell king. Mo like, I mentioned king motza former strength, and then fade or million Inca for crying out loud. He takes down his grand prix. He's the heavyweight champ. He's the light heavyweight champ. That's a that's a solid career. He's had you know what I mean? That was our dude in the junkie days ten years ago. I mean. It's incredible. The runnings been on. I was thinking about him on the way over here. Do you think it's weird on his end to get a call and people just go eight we'll come on show. So we could say great things about you. And then you just kind of give your take on being bad ass. Isn't that weird? Let's check it out. Joining us now is Ryan Bater. What's up? Ryan. How're you doing? What are you doing? Good, man. Fuck dude. What occur you had and Saturday night had to be up there on some of the many bright moments. You've had in your career going against these legends. I mean, did you ever imagine that in your ASU days that that this? This was was awaiting you know, we own. All. Boy when it got all. Athlete, but I missed the mutilate Putin and all that and all that about..

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