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D u I'd love for them to do a series on Reconstruction Professor. We have Lincoln assassinated in the spring of 18 65. The vice President Andrew Johnson from Tennessee takes over any rules for four years against a reconstruction of Congress. It is full of radical Republicans what happened in that period before Grant arrives? Right, And that's really important for knowing when Grant comes onto the scene, and the thing to remember about Johnson is he was never supposed to be president. He was the Tennessee Democrat, a unionist. They put him on the ticket with Lincoln to try to have a union party ticket in 18 64 toe get loyal Democrats and he was a man of many vices. Pretty acerbic. It's It's probably true that he gave an address that at the Lincoln's second inaugural inebriated, so he's not a terribly likable figure. Then you have to understand that the Republican Party Is composed of A radical element. They were called radical Republicans who wanted the most expansive change after after the civil war. They didn't just want equal civil or natural rights for African Americans. They will push for the votes. They pushed for Jury service, and they pushed for a pretty Massive reordering of southern society by force if necessary. And what you have is a collision course because Johnson is very sympathetic to parts of the South. He wants a very lenient policy. He doesn't like a lot of the reconstruction laws being passed, sometimes over his veto by the radical Republicans in Congress. He Does intentionally a pretty poor job of enforcing the Civil Rights Act of 18 66, which became the basis for the 14th amendment and all sorts of other attempts. Congress was making the laws and Johnson was doing intentionally a pretty poor job of enforcing them, causing the South to really In some ways, reinstitute almost a shadow form of slavery at one point over the Friedman and this comes to a head after Johnson gets up on does a round of speeches around the country, basically saying that the radical Republicans are Worse than the Confederates were worst rebels trying to destroy the government. It culminates in the radical Republicans and teaching and coming one vote away from removing Johnson. And the first impeachment process in American history. And that really is part of the boiling over of the frustration of Congress over Johnson being the one executing the laws and the lager has there at during that time. And and Larry and I will always tell people we're not in a constitutional crisis, at least not according to people like Leo Strauss, unless you lose sight of your principles, and this is the closest in American history that the separation of powers comes to failing, in my view, other than the civil war, where does fail and Lincoln has toe To rule basically as commander in chief, but afterwards, they're trying to rule with the separation apart and they can't agree on anything. And so there's a massive failure of government. Yeah, And you know, it's a deeply divided country rather like now, and and I don't think we're there yet, But we approached that kind of thing here today. But it uh the point is Uh, You know, I think if you know first of all, Andrew Johnson is in is, Adam said that was he was he was an amazing guy. In some ways. He was elected the Senate, the only one ever after he was impeached and finished his prison not convicted. Finishes presidency. So this is the guy wouldn't go away. But he did really great service during the war because he stuck by the union. He's the only Southern senator, succeeding senator didn't resign. And so for that it looked great. You know, Lincoln was trying to beat A bunch of people, including general Mike Carlin and 18 64, and it was not a foregone conclusion he was going to do that. Then he gets to be president, and he's just not He personally a terrible opinions, right? He basically just wanted to let South do whatever they wanted to do. And, you know, resisted all efforts to To, you know, help the blacks to make sure they could vote to give them some land so they could farm And then he was.

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