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This week. It's my turn, and I have another beverage related recommendation. But I promise it is not involved seltzer. So few months back. I noticed a new coffee chain here in Washington called fills. And my immediate reaction was skepticism because it is spelled fills with a z and to me, it just sort of looked like kind of junkie knockoff coffee chain, but as many people in California, which is where it comes from. And maybe Chicago as well, we're fills also as it's not junkie it serves excellent coffee, and my recommendation this week has to do with its temperature. I've spent years frustrated by getting the perfect coffee temperature. I make coffee. It's too cold. I microwave it. It's too hot. I basically spend kind of a ludicrous amount of time in the morning trying to adjust my coffee temperature and I'm recommending fills even though the coffee is far too expensive because they have managed to get the temperature of their coffee. Absolutely perfect. It is truly remarkable you. You get a Cup of coffee, and it is that maximum heat without burning you, and so my recommendation is if you're willing to spend four dollars for a Cup of coffee, and you're in California or Chicago or Washington stop by fills order a Cup of coffee and enjoy the rare perfect temperature Cup of coffee. And you know, I am willing to spend four dollars in a Cup of coffee, but I am not really willing to countenance using Zee's to make things plural. Totally fair. So you drink your coffee, black, David. I do not that. Thank you for bringing up. That's right. They can deal with the twist. So I drink it with light cream, and it is still the perfect temperature. We may have to do a test where we take in through monitors and see do black light cream and normal cream all end up as the same temperature. How scientific is the process at fills. Okay. That is our show for this week. Thank you as always for listening. If you have thoughts or questions or ideas, leave us a voicemail at three four seven nine one five four three two four. You can also Email us at argument at NY times dot com. And if you like what you hear please leave us a rating or review in apple podcasts. It makes a difference. This week show is produced by Alex Laughlin and Winston Wong for transmitter media and edited by lacy Roberts. Our executive producer is Greco. We had help from Tyson Evans Phoebe, let Persad Philbrick and Francis. Our theme was composed by Allison Leyton Brown. We will see you back here next week, although shop with a double P has sort of old fashioned ring. But it doesn't have a real old fashioned ring yield curiosity shop. No, no, you're right. I'm against I'm against all that completely.

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