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Well, my guest on today's show first joined us on trainer talk ten years ago. It was December 12th, 2012, and at that time he had saddled right around 1100 winners, his top horses include grade two winners, bear fan, holiday for kitten and gypsy Robin. That was it at that time. He was just three years removed from becoming the first American trainer to win a race at royal ascot, but had yet to saddle his first grade one winner and was still trying to break through in a breeder's Cup race. Well, an awful lot has happened in an awful lot has changed over the past decade. His win total now stands at 2120, which includes 6 breeders cup victories and 12 victories at royal ascot. Please join me in welcoming trainer Wesley ward to train her talk presented by phasic tipton Wesley appreciate it. Thanks for having me on. Yeah, really excited to look back on these last ten years and your entire career really, but man, it's been a busy ten years for you, my friend. It doesn't seem like that long, does it? No, it doesn't. You know, you've seen your career just go to astronomical levels over the past decade. What's been the key? You know, like I'd say, you know, just hard work and luck and just keep every day you just keep moving forward and good things happen. So just perseverance. Yeah. Yeah, and we're going to spend plenty of time talking about the top horses over the past decade and even looking back to the early days of Wesley ward. We'll spend some time talking about your champion rider career as well. But, you know, Wesley, when you think about the horses and the people and everything that's been associated with your success, what are some of the things that immediately come to mind for you? Oh, guys. It's just every day. You know, we're just get up every day and just keep working as hard as we can and try to do the best for the horses and keep them happy and give them the time that they need to when they're asking for it and bring them back and run them when they're ready and good things seems to happen and have happened in key time. How much different do you think you are today as opposed to when we did the show ten years ago? How much different are you as a trainer today considering the things that you've learned in the experience that you've gained? It's an experience. I think that you learn from your experiences and traveling and going over and as a trainer I get to go over all over the world and talk to different trainers and owners and jockeys and you pick the brain and you learn things. There's no textbook manual to training resources, so it's just what works and what.

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