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You mad. Got more wins than luis ortiz. How on the u k dick yet is mad black and white who the fuck tease be kristin who bryant like show to your mad that i'm telling the truth high you just had to do try to call in and make areola great and all they realized done is is lose or draw of being a tight fight like mayo a stop. Knock off me anyway. Super chat for machine gun. He says. I think we can agree. That white needs his shot. See i guess you only. Uk nuts too now anybody can see black and white and seeded. White has four more top ten opponents than most american heavyweights. He's beat more former world champion than most american heavyweights and he is an exciting fights. His vulnerability like amir khan translates to exciting. I don't do the whole. Oh america this. I mean my ryan for my american here but just because you from america will make you superior. This is who you and delia. white. Be joseph fargo. Who happened to be andy ruis. So we're going to discredit dealing for losing their anthony. Joshua who happened to be andy rees. We got to be on the same page. Like you know this is all comparable. That's a good fight. man. I want that fight. I want that fight. I know everybody's talking undisputed but what if aj does the same bullcrap again and doesn't give us undisputed versus wilder. I definitely want wild at a silence. Dilling white rodney seven over the supachai says if you fight ortiz and fury five times both top five each turn laughing..

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