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The two when it's off complaining about my wages at Saudi of kicks but somebody information is beyond dispute. Come from the police. Not because we sound but because the Metropolitan Police have now made it. They've had held. An internal investigation is called operation brewed. Britain's and the Albanian loin in is that meet the Somebody information on the blacklist follows supply Special Branch. And so we go. Paul solve the British deitz equal policing units of the British style. A spying on union activists provided information to to big business and and if that was happening anywhere else in the world the mainstream media in the BBC will be going mad about talking about deceit spin spotlight on boy by the Steitz and all the rest of it and one of the reasons that we carry on doing this kind of tying span. One of the reasons why I think Lucille so in Poland is when you first so paypal. This story in so much as things that happen in this country and it's just quite often British British. Colonialism almost invented this kind of stuff. And when you talk to try unionists in other parts of the world they completely surprised about it whereas in this country people are. And that's that's that's one of the questions of that is stated at the beginning of the film is what's relationship between the states and capitalism is something that I think I suppose hopefully a public inquiry there is a is one with reveal exactly what those links were conversations were between the state and big business and I think in the film as well where we see. Dave being arrested food public odor offensive blocking roads. And I think that's an foundry fascinating way. How does the law define public order like Define Odor and when we see a guess particularly now around the environment where we see big business so resistant to making changes that are going to support order through an. We'll have the environment the biggest questions being asked around. What's what's more what's more important super temporary fixes or the bigger the bigger fix. This is your first documentary. It's alright was easy for you to get funding. Tricky as a filmmaker. How did you find it yet? I'm so I went with them. City projects in Cape Parker who produced the phone and she was really fantastic working to fundraise. We got funding from the Arts Council maliciously but then from that regard funding number smooth trusts and love donations from trade unions and individuals. So it wasn't easy to get the funding and so two was a learning prices. Well it's the first feature film at eight and I guess when you don't have other films behind you. People aren't as willing to support but I think part of the process of funding fundraising associate community building and building audiences. One of the things we promised with when people funded or nations that we would allow them to screen the film. So that's how intensive arranging community screenings. Are you pleased with Helms turned out? Yeah I think I suppose I didn't set out as I introduced myself to Davis and my grand smooth short filmmaking and I wasn't setting out to make conventional document tree and I think one of the politics behind that is to have multiple voices and not have this traditional innovates. I think because a lot of it's quite complex on the legal case to try and bring in multiple voices and to raise questions at different points in the film folks input season. I personally love the film What I love about way is that is precisely because Lucy's and all I am not a documentary filmmaker and things very obvious because documentary. Filmmaker wouldn't have might've failed me in any way shape or form me my favorite sayings when George Fuller Personal Lucy's talk about beginning. He's doing the washing up these These kitchen Or there's a bit where Paper Barbecue and and and until that stuff. It's just it's that stuff that makes his look human robbed just looking at Coke's in big machinery and if the only thing we can ever talk about is Is is blacklisting human beings families and it's that bit I think the emotional poll brings us in an unnatural. I really think it works funded question for both of you what you need see. What's next I'm starting to have conversations with people around the undercover police inquiry which is starting to evidence this year and we'll be hearing this next year as well so I met this early stages of working out if I will make a film about it but I feel committed to the course this undercover policing where they actually went on to come in various activists and actually had Richard Sherman yet so it's really wide reaching and the two women that speaking solidarity were to women are in relationships within the police to it into a police inquiry and the Dave with the Butler support group family justice campaigns environmental campaigns trade union. So it's it's huge in it skirt which is quite problematic. Not Waste but it was really interesting in hoping together. Lots of different experiences. It starting to doesn't fifteen. That's right. Isn't it yet? Centuries a million sets it going two thousand fifteen so already. It's been a really long process in the thing that I'm kind of most interested in a moment is a public inquiry ass and tries to represent and the problems of public inquiries as well and typically as a state run activity and viewed Dave. What's next well? I'm actually a call participant in this undercover police public inquiry loose. Who's just been token about some of the undercover? Police officers was own. Trade Unions One of them is nine. He went on new mall custody. He was a cop and so It was in the same union as me. I went to pick with him. I went to meetings with a May even rain. One of the safety canopy and is in ministry and years later we found who's actually an undercover police officer and his real name was Mop Jenner and he lived a woman on new for us. What Simon told me was already married. So yeah that's You know we talked about. Is there anything shocking KONTA stuff? He's very very shocking. And it's going on nine because this is the police and appreciate during. This is taxpayers money being spent on that GONNA staff. And that's what I find outrageous an an as Lucy said these public inquiry has been going on. It was five years ago and it hasn't heard any evidence yet and fellow of us and our speaker universities across the country And I've recently spoke in Glasgow to a group of free hundred students and asked them if any of them had heard of this stuff about undercover police and at three hundred two people the hand up so so some people listen to your protocol. Smart. I've heard it. I don't think the vast majority of the British public I've heard about which is well. We can't push them because comes back to this thing before people still think that things are happening this country and it clearly does. It's important to understand the big picture of it and how it operated systemically completely end as someone who was followed on delays and. He's very very good friends with a lot of the women ride long-term relationship licenses for the police officers. Everyone in the media is when I talked to. Us is always interested in a tell us your human interest story which is important. I mean it is shocking. What happened but if it's only about human interest you miss the big political page. Which is the facts of the study is systematically doing this not is not Rome. This still doing it to this guy and they basically spa in on anyone. They consider to be in inverted commas domestic extremists and optimize extremely. She doesn't have to commit any chrome. This is this lynch reform police. If you're if you're doing stuff which the duct the senior however all of you know the the political police. Units thinks is a frick Interests will you know interest to do so Robin Mcalpine? It's in Balfour Beatty. Is that is that? Is that the. The brain trusts the on furniture possible day. Thank you very much from purity. You've been listening to the DACHSHUND. More podcast with lefty dwelt if you enjoyed the show review and subscribe.

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