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York's alright lot of developments today. There's gonna be an interesting day regardless. But then trump protesters took over the night state's capital. We didn't have the capital went into the speaker's office. Took a seat at the president Pro TEM chair in the state Senate disrupted the work of the Congress today in certifying the election. They're still there. Capitol Police are being oh, so incredibly polite to the Trump protesters. What a contrast what a contrast to build bars and secret police in Portland, Oregon. Or anywhere else in the country. Way canceled Our interview our appearance today by MEREDITH Schweitzer from the school for Advanced Research we had on Congress Woman, Theresa Let's share Fernandez Life in the capital. Tomorrow on the show. Our guests will include Greg Palast. Greg is in Atlanta. Georgine Lewis Georgine is running to be the candidate. To replace Take the seat of Deb Hall into congressional District number one. Urging. Luis will join us tomorrow as well as Carter Bundy. Murder is our Our token union. We'll talk about labor in this new era. That's what's going on. Democrats have indeed taking control of the United States Senate that in itself would be a ship that we did not have protests today in the cattle. Paul Gibson from Retake Our Democracy joins us.

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