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Folk far too long, especially compared to President Obama who visited troops in Iraq in his first three months in office. Mr. Trump also spent time defending his decision to pull US troops out of Syria. CBS news. Correspondent Elaine Kiana says US immigration officials are dropping off more migrants in El Paso, Texas. One hundred sixty eight migrants were released by US immigration and customs enforcement in downtown El Paso, Texas on Christmas day after the migrants were dropped off. Volunteers offered them food and clothing at a makeshift shelter nearby. Another five hundred migrants are expected to be released according to L passers, Representative democratic congressman Beto or work. CBS news. Correspondent Adriana Diaz has Italy's famous mount Aetna's causing trouble again an earthquake jolted eastern Sicily entering nearly a dozen people early this morning. The four point eight magnitude quake rattled homes toppled structures and cracked highways rescue workers safely pulled an eighty year old man from the rubble. Of his house Italy's Mount Etna volcano triggered the quake the volcano erupted two days ago, sending huge plumes of smoke and lava stones into the sky at is Europe's highest and most active volcano on Wall Street. The Dow gained one thousand eighty six points. Hugh Johnson with Hugh Johnson adviser says it kind of turned into a feeding frenzy there for awhile professional investors came to work today. And they said the market overdid it on Monday became very undervalued represented significant opportunity, and they all jumped on board. And then it just fed on the S and P five hundred index was up one hundred seventeen the NASDAQ climbed three hundred sixty one points. We'll see you tomorrow. The momentum continues an Oregon man has become the first person to cross Antarctica alone, without.

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