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And all that and we got into the game and cost nothing domino waste gas money the drive down there or the train ticket to really go to something i don't care for anymore so usually i will not get upset with the all star game and usually i won't spend much time talking about it and i'm not waiting in great anticipation for this homerun derby later tonight and probably this year for the all star game on tuesday i'll watch a few innings it'd be neat if we get severino degrom as both the starters and you'll see some of the local guys play a little bit but after the fourth inning are you staying up late on a work night no the week the watch the all star game i'm not but i will say giancarlo stanton thing that doesn't want me what this is he was the nl mvp last year and i understand it's differently and i understand what happened last year does not matter but usually just off the notoriety of a name you get into the all star game we've seen it over the years players that don't deserve to get into the all star game and the getting into the all star game but it's not like john carlos stanton is having a terrible season now you knew the nationals would always have bryce harper in the all star game and their host of the all star game and i understand he has twenty plus home runs and he's on pace to drive over one hundred rbi is but he's in in the low twos he's not bad in very well this year and bryce harper that's in the nfl on the ails more stack but giancarlo stanton last time i checked is bat in to seventy eight point three home runs and fifty five rb is it he's not on the all star game and i didn't look at the rest of the restaurants and tried to check 'cause i just don't care of who should be in the all star game and maybe who shouldn't compare it to him and understand he had a slow start and i understand there was some frustration when in april he was bad and to eighteen and then he got up to sixty four but in june and july in june he's bat in he was bad in two hundred eight in the month of june.

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