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Complicated setup. I'm not saying the offense was complicated. But if you're a young quarterback and you got jerry. Jeudy in melvin gordon and caja hamler noah fant and phillip lindsay. Oh my gosh. I i got guys going crazy go. Whoa i mean. That's that's kind of how i felt with your lock. Miss on quinn. Nelson can bone says mr clinton nelson and took chubb nelson is in that. But i mean come on their lines good now so is it feel like that. Big of a miss in isn't nelson left guard. I think he's alive. Which again these guys could move. They can move over the we could play that. What if game forever. What if brady didn't have the elite defense that he had josh. Allen is the worst miss. The dude has it no. That's an emotional. Vote right there. You can't just say that just because he's doing good now. Does it mean miss one year of doing great. So i mean again if okay if he if he goes on to win the super bowl or two would you then change your mind. Would you go. And now i wouldn't be. You're you're not confident. In what the broncos had to offer that stage saying you weren't confident that allen would be clearly something clicked with him and buffalo. They worked together and made it work. Yeah he's worry supposed to be. Yeah so words. Yeah i mean. He was asked about that. I do think guys. Are they find the right fit. Why do you think. Aaron rodgers will so damn mad when they when they fired his quarterbacks coach..

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