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Marjorie. It's ten after I got everything away in the kitchen. Guilty good for you buddy. Zoos measure comes down with the twins. We'll be up ten minutes late. That's not too bad. We're already Yankee. Heard the baby rocking my little. I'd like to have them asleep before we put them in the car. I've got everything rolling. Now we'll still things in the car and get leader is there is leader. Knew that boy. I'll go out on the front porch and call him look baby's on can't go yet. You walk the babies. Sit Down legally we on the road as as the twins. They're asleep put all these things in the car. Get my turtle. We're not taking. That Turtle Lake Lakers School of them. Each company no turtles in the car. I can't leave him in the best way outside. I'll catch things are still going all right. We get away by eight thirty. That isn't so bad suitcase. Dallas too. I'm ready that's fine. My train leaves and ten minutes. I don't mean to Russia but only got ten minutes and we can't get to I. I forgot to take you to the train. You quick in the Birdie at Davidson said goodbye. Ms Margin Mr Bronco. I think I got everything all Birdie come on the car Bernie.

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