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Is the Lakers mount the hell up if you haven't already the battle for L. A. so much better than our expected so much better and now I am no longer ready to concede it to the clippers this is good one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six best record in the NBA right now yeah I love the way they're doing it lot of swag lot of Jews lot energy entertaining as hell they're relevant again the stars are back out really quickly smother MBA notes Carmelo made his debut for the trailblazers and I want to get into that no one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six double Sweeney came on the show yesterday and we talked about trouble Lawrence and how the way he has turned his season around actually Dallas and was he really was out playing poorly at all if you bat place early on he's playing better right now than he was even at this point last year the devil made was he kind of just block out all the outside expectations word expectations and you take that next level and you've got a star quarterback for Penn state and John Clifford deleting is social because he was getting death threats here we go again had this conversation how many times this is me even a Sean Clifford thing or a Penn state thing is just a really despicable thing I'll get to that lots of it NFL to talk about some really good match ups this weekend and I tried to cut this off before I could get there but it didn't work this email reads dear Carmelo Anthony don't worry about your stats sometimes you just have to knock the rust off I do it every day regards Matthew Broderick Kleinian his spurs together before he takes his wife from morning ride shop online war I ray signing his book by dipping his finger in bird poop like finger paint see that email just all wrong there's nothing good about that your Jimmy even I thought mellows numbers were bad last night sign it Russell Crowe's blood pressure this is why I've got to take on Mel I would not read too much into this it was one game Damian lowered in play he had one shoot around with nobody else involved would you expect this got a shop like Gary Payton these guys show up like John Stockton distribute the rock and they just keep coming Hey wrong seeing mellow back in action last night got me feeling nostalgic it's been a while since I've seen him Jack up a bunch of breaks turn the ball over and his team lose good luck Portland Jeremih in Greenville stop my take on that he ward delante west making a comeback th Hey Rome mellow look great last night and really help this team sign up poop in ice cream bucket of open there's a bucket of ice cream you can put all the ice cream in that pool that you want it doesn't change but one little pitcher that poop in that ice cream Williams at ice cream man out tell a guy you my man or the poop in our ice Chris so good gal John Calipari back in the day you my man or the poop in our ice cream Steve Jackson more mellow heading straight to the LA fitness after the game he has confidence back I'm actually sort of kind of to a certain extent gonna take out form as always I'm going the other way from all you clowns sometimes clones enemy all of you but some you sometimes my clones you are the poop in the jungle ice cream not only that Alvin you see the story about Jerry Jones such a Jerry story to share did he ran into bill Belichick after bill Belichick up broken up by the Browns and Belichick said to him Hey listen I'm coach now I can coach a little if there is an opportunity you might wanna keep me in mind and share it didn't promising that story but doubt Prescott playing a really high level right now easy playing well enough to going to Foxboro via the pats all that still ahead plus cow waiting him Bryant McFadden arrives Markazi and a good phone call if it's there we've all heard of Casper you know the.

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