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You know? I don't have a handy dandy map yet. But what I will post. At Pat unleashed is just a list of all the states in. What's real looks like right now happening in each state? So. Yeah, look at this. Because it's got the Texas thing that was just introduced so Ma point is today, and you can scroll through and look for your state and individuals, and it's good. I mentioned very briefly yesterday that John thune is warning President Trump not to appoint Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board. I think he's still planning to potentially planning to do that. Thune said there are concerns that are being voiced to the administration about his qualifications. What he's a pizza guy. What's what do you mean? What are you saying the pizza guy's not? Maybe you don't know about his pizza experience. Right. He actually worked with it. He was he was a high up at the Federal Reserve, a previous life, Herman Cain. Yeah. Kansas City fed or something right, right? He does have some qualified re God is got against Herman Cain. That's the thing anytime. John thune name comes up, I've just reminded of Arlen Specter full full shuttle hours. I was relaxing in the Senate bath house wind John thune came in naked is Jay bird. John thune had the body of a Greek God. Too soon as he climbed into the bath. We made tender love for the sixteen straight hours. Lindahl. I. It's not a direct a loose, quote that made it still makes the same point yet. But if you do get the audio book that may be like an extra CD. Yeah. Plus, I think they've audited. They've edited. Yeah. Some of the audio. I mean once he passed away that out. So that's what happened right? It's revisionist history. You know that? Yeah. What's happening there? Every single time. I hear or see John thune. See as nee. C show up on FOX. Same thing. Happened again yours. Cheerful. How's it? My phone. I don't know. Just just decided it was. Carey. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed onto gonna get in trouble. And you know, better not all right. I'm going home. When was the last time you had your ears professionally clean, maybe never have? But if they ignore you got some pain there, they feel plugged up. You you need to eh need to get him cleaned out. And you can do that in the comfort and privacy of your own home with something really effective that was developed by physicians as the same kind of thing they do in their office..

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