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Other news if ever you were thinking of becoming a vegetarian and swearing off meet. This might be a good time unions in the US. Meatpacking Industry say Donald Trump is jeopardising lives and prioritizing cold cuts over workers health. He invoked the Defense Production Production Act to force meat processing plants to stay open even as the virus spreads among workers. Unbelievable in other news representative. Justin Amash who last year left the Republican Party because he saw what Donald Trump is and was doing not only his party the country. Well I appreciate everything just cinemas done but now he has formed an exploratory group to run to throw his hat in the twenty twenty. Ring to seek the Libertarian Party nomination for president this scares me because I'm afraid it will take the votes of those Republicans or former Republicans who would never vote for Donald Trump who would vote for whatever Democrat was running and split them thereby making it easier for trump to win a marsh. Do the right thing. Don't run. You can't win and if you make it easier for trump to win you're really fucking us all over all right enough of that. I told you a few minutes ago. Don Siegelman is going to join us. I WANNA share with you. Just the opening video the opening segment from this movie that I guess is sort of a companion to the book. He's got coming out Don Siegelman. If you're just joining US former governor of Alabama who in I believe nineteen? I want to say one thousand nine hundred nine but I'm so bad on dates. Don't don't listen to me. Who was targeted by Karl Rove and his cronies for political prosecution and he wound up spending serving five years in federal prison. It's unbelievable so he has a book coming out in June called stealing our democracy. How the political assassination of a governor threatens our nation. So we'll reconvene in June when the book comes out when it's officially released but Don Simmons going to join us in a few minutes to talk about an issue that that he's current issue. It's something that he's very passionate about and for good reason. Nearly you're in a moment but I want to share with you. Just the opening the opening sequence from this movie that's called Abacus versus the architect the political hold on political assassination of Don Siegelman. And here's the beginning of that video. Our criminal justice when it goes wrong can go wrong. Horrendously prostitutes jail. Yes they should be in jail. That's smart but we know she's logged government. Spare no resource. We had to do a week to make sure he wasn't re-elected because he was an ongoing threat to our clients they started to manipulate the criminal justice system one purpose was to keep that from being the gum and the state of Alabama ears. What we call a fraud on the courts no doubt in my mind that Don Siegelman was. They had to get rid of him because he couldn't beat him parents where I think he's a mad. I WANNA GET SOMEBODY'S NECK IN MY HANDS. Twenty degrees injustices of our time. This is one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice that I've encountered some long Alabama. This situation Chris out for the correction in just that.

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