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Running one is since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine has been renewed every year because presidents find the powers that they have under them necessary. And it's easier to just keep renewing the emergencies and to get congress to pass legislation that one in seventy nine that was under Jimmy Carter blocking Iranian government property. That's correct. Yeah. And there are a number of other national emergencies that seem kind of are keen in their detail like blocking property of certain persons who have interest in Somalia, Burundi or Libya. Who's paying attention to these? Well, we we would we would argue not enough people. I think one benefit of the president's threat to us national emergency powers to build his wall is that this is brought to the attention of many more people the potential for abuse that these powers represents I've read that there are some experts saying that if he does declare national emergency to pay for this wall. There's a possibility that it could be appealed or taken to court as that ever happened with other declarations of national emergencies that there's been an appeal there. There have been other arguments regarding national emergency powers because the national emergencies act under its language actually requires congress to meet every six months to consider whether the emergency should be rescinded or not. And they have never done that. And there was a challenge at one point by someone who is affected by one of these national emergency powers to say, that's the power was no longer legitimate. Because the congress has never met under these provisions and the court. This was the first circuit court of appeals. Essentially said that it was not mandatory that congress meet if they want to meet they can. And in fact, they never have. And I think it's clear that there would be litigating. That would be brought if the president were to declare a national emergency to try and build his wall. We're about to meet a journalist on the show, Andrew he's from Nicaragua and fearing for his safety as an exile right now, I mentioned this because just about two months ago. Another national emergency was declared involving Nicaragua. How have you come to understand this declaration declared by Trump under a provision called the international economic emerges emergency economic Powers Act, which the president is required to declare a national emergency. Users powers intact. Those powers under. What is known as EPA is the most frequent use of towers, and they're used to target individuals around the world that are involved in human rights, abuses, etc. And many of them are ones that as an individual. I can say I get behind. The problem arises when emergency powers are used to. Distort the way that government is supposed to operate, and they are used to try and circumvent or potential use to try and circumvent congress Andrew Boyle with the Brennan centers liberty and national security program at New York University. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me for a full list of declared emergencies since the Carter administration, including the thirty one active ones. Just go to the world dot ORG as we just heard President Trump declared an emergency regarding Nicaragua. The US has been very critical of President Daniel Ortega's government and his ongoing crackdown on dissent. One of the government's targets. The independent news media reported Maria. Buckle up below has a story of one outspoken journalist from Nicaragua who has targeted for arrest. Hymie Arianna has been living out of a suitcase for the last month. He's a heavy set man who suffers from migraines in high blood pressure. He came to Miami with the sun to get medical treatment. But then police store. His workplace in Managua, the TV news station. One hundred percent, not CBS. They ordered a Gotcha for myself and all the journalists the shuttle, they got you're the owner of the mill it'd be getting motor the chief of staff or the is Lucy yuppie there, which they are jailed wait up, according to Arianna and media reports the journalist were accused of inciting hate and violence. Arianna says he refuses to be intimidated, the only gravity that will let people know eighty got our. The reality that the people were suffering in the hands of the dictatorship or tiger, which are killing people. Ortega was a leader of Nicaragua's Sandinista revolution. For decades ago, he returned to power in two thousand seven and has been president ever since in that time. He's also appointed his wife as vice president and his party scrap term limits on the presidency..

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