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Then just twenty nine percent say coaching again hall of Famer Turner sports NBA endless, Reggie Miller on the call for the rockets and the jazz that'll be Thursday night at ten thirty eastern alongside Kevin Harlan on TNT reg joins us now. Hey, reg, how are you? Good morning now did the urban by your retire bit. I'm sure that caught a lot of people off guard that came from out of left field. But are we are we really surprised I think this is spent at the beginning of the year could have been somewhat the writing on the wall his involvement or lack of evolvement on what he knew on that was going on in his program. I think a lot of that probably helped kind of push him out the door. I'm sure people behind closed doors or go to say this probably a Horst pushed retirement, really, I hope not I think he's deserved and earned the right to retire. But we do know he's a he's a family van and he's had somewhat of health problems. Yeah. Is that what the first retirement was somewhat about? So maybe something came back. I hope that's the case. But I think it caught it caught a lot of people off guard this morning. I think what caught me off guard is I just spilled my water all over the desk here read. So I apologize. Could. Can you get seen? Can you bring me over a pay for town? Hold on ranches. And it's like. Never really did have the best of. So out. That that you know, I've seen a few clips that you coming off screen and butter fingers was kind of the catchphrase people started to you. But well, no, I'm only plan. The only point my nickname was golden boy read not butterfinger. Is there is that? Right. Yeah. It was golden boy, but it was a negative. It was a negative my college. Coach would call me golden. He never called me by my name. He called me golden boy, and it was not meant in a positive way. What made it so negative in? You're gonna explain why the golden boy are big name is not so nice real. I think he was mocking me that maybe I thought I was better than what I was. And I was like the golden child the golden boy and. I imagine your coach doesn't call you by your name ever. He never called me by my name. And he didn't let me play either. In fact, when I went into say that I was transferring he was at his desk, he didn't turn around. He just said. Okay. And I went, okay. So my dad goes are, you sure you want to transfer I go. Yeah. He goes. Well, what's coach think I go? I didn't even turn around when I said, I was going to transfer. So they'll give you an idea of just what he thought of my my career. Okay. I I want to track down this coach you, please. Give us today. Come up your Bob Mulki. I don't even know if he's still alive. I may have sent him to an early grave, but our coal Moltke. I don't even know if he remembers me other than he called me golden boy by golly. Golden boy get out, and he would you know, be put me on the bench. Yeah. Not good. Not good. All right. A couple of things here. I mentioned trae young that we keep trying to put him in shoehorn him in. There is the next Steph curry, and then they played last night. And Steph curry goes, can we stop this can we stop let him have his own identity? He's not me. It's not fair to compare him to me. So what advice would you give trae young because the numbers would trae young in Atlanta are not good at all read his shooting percentage. And really is quarter. Wariness is is suspect when it comes to shooting. He's just he's he can be a great shooter. But he's not taking great shots. Correct. And he's has shown flashes at times he has had some solid games. But if you look at the total body of work, I wouldn't say it's been a disappointment. I think it's more so growth, let's let's not forget now a rookie after his freshman year at Oklahoma..

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