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Sports animal thunder, a one eighteen one twelve win over the box fifth straight win for okay? See Paul, George thirty six points, thirteen rebounds. Russell Westbrook where there's one hundred twentieth. Career triple double Janas attempted Kubo with twenty seven points, eighteen rebounds in the loss. Four Milwaukee the bucks out of their six game win streak come to an end. Meanwhile, word coming on Sunday afternoon that the thunder scheduled to retire the jersey of Nick collison in March, and Kevin Durant is planning to attend Durant. Telling our Adrian world's Uralski, quote that group is so special that whole group from twenty ten until I left there. It was special. It's about time for us to let go of all that extra stuff and just come together, especially around this time because it's Nick. Collison spending fifteen years in the association Durant is credited Carson's leadership with helping his transition into the NBA when he was drafted in two thousand eight and while there were obviously bad feelings when Durant departed for the warriors under guard. Dennis Schroder earlier on ESPN radio saying, okay, see fans, should appreciate Durant's appearance. He did a lot for. Okay. You can't forget that. I've been in Atlanta for five years. So. What he did? You know, I wasn't into the, but I think. I hope they cheer for him. And especially did he comes from the Carlson. Is he was good with a lot of the guys who are still on the team. So I hope you go on, you know, people are gone. Do a standing ovation or whatever. But we to see no insiders quickly saying that fans should not be reading into Durant's appearance in March. It's a one time return to honor Nick collison, and there's really no interest on either side of engineering Durant's return to the thunder. If there's one thing we know you can't take time out with you to the locker room. So you might as well use them, and we are underway..

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