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Beginning. Donald Trump thought Jim Mattis was the perfect man for the job with the perfect nickname mad dog Mattis for Mattis who cringes at that nickname. It was duty. I just weeks ago saying when the predator the United States asks you to do something in America. You just do it quote Nike just do it. But Syria was the last straw ABC. News chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz president found himself at odds with some members of his own party over the killing of journalist Shimao kashogi at a Saudi embassy in Turkey early on President Trump vowed going to get to the bottom of it. And there will be severe punishment over the days the Saudis kept changing their story. But the official ties run deep secretary of state Bombayo mantra relationships between US Saudi. Companies governmental relationship things we work together all across the world. But did the crown prince order President Trump? Maybe he did. Or maybe he didn't Tom rivers ABC news. It was a busy year for the special counsels Russia investigation to people with close ties to President Trump found themselves under scrutiny and making plea deals. Mid all the work by Robert Mueller, special counsel investigation to cases are study. In contrast, the first Paul Manafort, President Trump's former campaign chair he was found guilty on Bank and tax fraud charges cut a deal with Muller's team, and then was accused of lying to them. President Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen also agreed to plead guilty for lying to congress. The president's reaction is that we I in what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence. ABC news chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas, the strong arm of the law came down hard on some big name people this year time was up for the man once known as America's dad Bill Cosby will be dressed in a Brown uniform and be given an inmate number as he spends his first day of more than thousand. Required in state prison. Cosby was briefly taken from the courthouse in Norristown to a county facility following his sentence. He was booked in a new mug shot was taken from there. He was swiftly transferred to a brand new state prison facility not far away called SCI Phoenix. Mark Remillard, ABC news, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania by the end of two thousand eighteen many of the powerful would fall as a result of the metoo movement. Now one year old the big names continued to fall in two thousand eighteen perhaps the biggest CBS president CEO les Moonves tag with several sexual assault. Accusations forcing him to step down and his wife. Julie Chen to leave the talk I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son mismanagement behind ours. Harvey Weinstein accuser rose McGowan talking to Nightline Weinstein awaiting trial on several sex assault, allegations and metoo theme everywhere from the Oscars to the Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween sequel are movies about PTSD Jason Nathanson, ABC news Hollywood more than one hundred fifty young women from USA gymnastics came forward this year to share their stories of abuse at the hands of team. Dr Larry Nassar, six time Olympic gold medalist and former captain of the US Olympic team alley Razman, call Dr Larry Nassar, pathetic and said, she's no longer a victim to his abuse. But a survivor she also turned her attention to USA gymnastics, which she says is rotting from the inside the USA gymnastics. Where's the honesty? Where's the transparency? Why must have manipulation continue? After speaking. The judge told Razman she was never the problem. But is now so much this solution. Ryan burrow, ABC news. The Golden State killer was finally captured in two thousand eighteen the case sat cold for more than forty years using DNA the killer left behind at one of the many crime scenes investigators were able to use a public DNA genealogy website to track the killers family tree that original DNA came from the office of inter county district attorney, Gregory Totten had originally been analysed by our crime lab, but then it was sent to Sacramento, so they could begin this genealogy process with and then after much. The case focus in on suspect. Joseph Di Angelo, Alex stone ABC.

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