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Podcast to center. Vanessa in. Is going to be played. By the Toronto of the Panthers are on the far side. Henrik Bork Strub couldn't cleared out jailed in Paquet left point to it. Open Martell left corner. Put it off the side of the net year to Klang off the outside of the post Martell. The rebound of circle point of circle Bartell. You'll punch across as pitching his shirt act to the right circle. Trinet keeps the puck moving Yanni Gord right corner. Back to turn right point a little shot blocked in front but Toronto. Well, finally angle is way out to center and pump it into the light. Again, panther trying to get a change completed point trying to take advantage quick counter for plot. A lot at the red line. Well, Trump it in. Here's point open right circle shot. Just missed wide left. Got a centering feet from Gord right there had been to the rebound left point. Pacified score left. Circle shoots. Save by Lago. You better Yati gaurd again left corner. I ended up plot. But key celebrities there I directed out to hunt. Dried at hunt to the red line backing incident mammon after it wins it in the right corner. Maxine mammon looks to keep the puck moving point steals, right wing. All directed out. Headman makes his way to cetera is ready for a change. He'll floated in and lightning. Get five guys out on the ice. Six fifty three left in the first one on the score, Maxine mammon big strides to center, right said vedic, cloud across the line. Right circle shot blocked. Rebound volkov. Couldn't get it said by l'amico trying to center it out of the right corner. It's picked up by Volkov right side. J T Miller up the middle. Colbert at center ice nudges it into the Panthers L mccosh. Fumbled the puck Volkova steel, right circle. Right. So gonna Miller. He'll lose Haley mcadam ma'am to set would stand up job there by Slater, Kuku, follow-up Islamic all I can do is dump it in and head to the bench at the end of a ship Genego pass it out himself to Miller at center ice ran into a poke check from Jacob McDonald. It's back in Tampa Bay real estate Kuku gets signals crossed with Volkov the puck deflects binded at but Kuku there to churn out to center Jacob McDonnell was six zero five left in the first turns it over Sara. To Kuku in the lighting at my turn act. Didn't get to the red lion. He dumped it in. But Lonzo plays at anyway. So.

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