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Okay, So what sort of wonderful people are going to be re entering? Washington, D C careerists, according to political magazine. Ivy League credentials and long Washington experience set the tone for Biden's administration. It's gonna be so great. It's gonna be so great. I mean, all of the people who failed to their job the first time around. They are back. They are back and they're worse than ever. So take Antony Blinken. So Anthony Blinken been selected as the prospective secretary of state. So he's better than Susan Rice. Which is about all you can say for Tony Blinken. He happens to be wrong by nearly everything so back in 2012. He suggested that no peace was possible without the Palestinians, and he was speaking. At Jay Street, So first of all, J Street was a fake pro Israel group that is not problems. World's radically anti Israel is created to give Democrats covered so go speak of J Street so they could pretend they were speaking to a pro Israel group. Meanwhile, speaking to a bunch of people who really despise Israel, J Street has always taken positions and pathetic, all to the survival of the state of Israel. So you spoken to J Street Conference in March 2012. He said Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barack president president each called for two states a secure Jewish state of Israel. They live side by side with an independent Palestinian state. Peace is the only sure way for the Palestinian people to realize that a legitimate longstanding aspiration for a state of their own. We believe that President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayadh Israel has partners to share the goal of peace. Of course that is absolute crap. It always was crap. Then Tony Blinken also happen to be a guy who pushed the Iran deal really hard here. He was saying about your false stuff about the Iran deal. If you ask the Israeli military or intelligence community today, whether we should pull out of the deal You will get a resounding no. And in fact, many of them have acknowledged to us, someone actually say this publicly. Others won't that it has removed a significant concern for them, at least for in the future. Everything we've seen in our intelligence community of scene. And I said publicly, is that the overwhelming bulk of the proceeds that they've managed to get back have gone into the economy, not not to have these amazing, so, he says. You know, everything was great. The Israelis were on that's alive. The Israelis hated the Iran deal. They thought the Iran deal was Garba Geo. Netanyahu explicitly came to the United States. When John Boehner, a speaker of the House and spoke in the house and broke a lama snubbed him because he hated the Iran deal so much. But Tony Blinken been wrong about nearly everybody says it is really nice ways, right? I mean, he sounds really eloquent. And he says a lot about diplomacy. My favorite thing is when Democrats talk about diplomacy, and then they just refused to say military military use right. So here he was talking about how you wanted more troops on the ground in Syria listen to the way he couches his call for more military action in the middle of a civil war in Syria. Those of us involved in the diplomacy at various points thought that it might make a difference. If we showed a little bit Muscle as a way of leveraging the diplomacy and their various things that we thought about that. I couldn't tell you today whether they in fact would have made a difference, but At the time, we thought they would be worth trying. It's just muscle to leverage the diplomacy guys. Normally what you call that is like bombing people and putting troops on the ground is muscle to leverage the diplomacy and one Democrat said. It's totally okay. Trump was the warmonger. Okay. Meanwhile, John Kerry's back and better than ever, So that's exciting stuff. John Kerry the dumbest man in American foreign policy, the worst secretary of state in modern American history, that dude's back and now he's gonna be handling climate change. So if he handles climate changes well, he handled Iran and basically prepare to be burned to death by the Sun. He's one really poorly last time around. John Kerry's been wrong on everything going back his entire career. Here is John Kerry being deeply and ridiculously wrong, like super duper Unbelievably wrong is speaking, the Sorbonne Forum and the Brookings Institute. Talking about how there would be no separate peace in the Middle East. Israel would only be able make peace with the Arab states if they made concessions to Palestinian terrorists. Here is John Kerry being wrong on everything, but we're supposed to trust him because he wears his stupid glasses incredibly low on his nose, which means that he's a sophisticated player, John Kerry. It's so sophisticated, but our threw my medals over the funds. Almost. I didn't And also all my fellow soldiers were brutal. They raped they tortured her manner reminiscent of genders call Harry is being totally wrong about the Middle East. Let's put that guy in charge of climate policy. Why the hell not? There will be no separate peace. Between Israel in the Arab world. I want to make that very clear to all of you. I've heard several prominent politicians and Israel, sometimes saying Well, the Arab world's in a different place. Now we just have to reach out to them and we could work some things with the Arab world and we'll deal with the Palestinians. No, no, no and no. There will be no advance and separate peace with the Arab world without the Palestinian process and Palestinian peace. Everybody needs to understand that. Um, So he was wrong about all of that. Like all of it. Right. There would be no separate peace OK, Israel is now made a separate peace with the U A E with Bahrain. Israel is currently meeting with Saudi Arabia. Israel has made separate pieces with a variety of other nations in the region, and there are more on the table. So you're just wrong about all that. Let's put that guy in charge of covert palace in charge of climate policy sounds fantastic. And that's not it. Ever. We're going to have Janet Yellen. I'm going to have al 100. New Yorkers like all of the establishment baddies are back and it's gonna be fan freaking tastic guys, according to the media. Say media who told you that Trump was super duper bad? The conventional wisdom had to govern. That was a golden era. Yeah, shove it. We'll get you more of Joe Biden's Cabinet. It ain't great. We'll get back to that in just one second first, let us talk about how you are consuming record levels of media. I mean, you can't go out and do anything. If you're living in a blue state.

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