Mike Budenholzer, Mark Lasry, Wednesday discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Mike Budenholzer and I think there's some opportunities that you know, we take again where you know good shots and good luck. The Bucks held a 15 98 lead with 3 42 left in the game but were outscored 18 8 the rest of the way. Great Young led all scorers with 48 points and 11 assists. Yes, he's a great player. He had a great night. Give him credit. You know, we feel like we can play better. I'm sure they're gonna think they complained about her. Trump Fiserv Forum. Pragmatic wtmj sports for more for more bucks playoff coverage. Rather just takes the word bucks to the accident. Mortgage talkin text line 855616. 16 21, member of the Bucks Ownership group, thinks his team has what it takes to to clinch the NBA title during an interview Wednesday, and CNBC co owner Mark Lasry says the Bucks aced their first major test by beating the Nets in seven games. I always sort of say to people the only way you get diamonds is through pressure, so you need to be able to deal with it, and I think Atlanta has done the same, you know, for Atlanta to win in a seven game series. So I think it will be a lot of fun. But obviously, um, the smart money is on the box. Last apartment ownership group that bought the Bucks in 2014 search teams combing through the rubble of a collapsed high rise residential building just north of Miami Beach in Florida, former Miami Dade Fire chief Dave Downey, speaking with CBS this morning about what happens during the rescue, part of the search and rescue element. And keep in mind. Miami Dade Fire rescue host one of the national search and rescue teams, one of the 28 national search and rescue teams that elements of that team are already on scene, including structural specialist engineers. This is what they do. They look at structures and figure out where can we work? Where can't we work? So far, One death has been confirmed. A statement from the Milwaukee Police Association says officers are critical of Mayor Barrett in the Common Council for not doing enough to stop the rise of violence and the loss of officers leaving the force Common Council President Cavalier Johnson telling TMJ four news calls to hire more officers has its limits that requires.

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