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You'd with somebody for a while and then jump shows do that feud and then jumped back andy somebody else in she can move round is need that would be kind of ideal for her and then you can build her up slowly to oscar as opposed to having her wron than she's got to go through the aliens sasha and dana and na and a and one and at the absolution girls you're all these women that she's got to go through to get oscar you can kind of prolong it out a little bit and make it less dale by having her move around women's picture she will become events raises for people who hurled time it's or historic though them out really booming her boone her trust with um using the deal this is where i was trying to get the bill of having a good match within the doing and they will not make sense bits of everything has been said on twitter is doing the mixed tag met with stephane ian hunter verses rhonda a partner weathered kurt angle whether it's laura whether it's jim mcmahon whether it which makes no sense or stuff rollins or whatever they decide to do which could be the direction or going and maybe it is i i feel like it's a mistake going in attacked him direction especially with hunter praising rhonda alltime on twitter it just feels it feels like they're forcing something there but they can also play it up and go from there i don't know it's it'll be interesting it will be very noteworthy coming out that's what i can say i would say this about it that people would pay money to see stephanie mcmahon get beat up ironic whereas eight like i don't even really think you need to late set that up at all it's just it's rhonda versus staff we all know she's going to get warped let's watch that sort of how that feels to me and that could be where they're going with it is there aren't necessarily gonna do this pick dramatic set out there just may like chaos a run and steph are fighting and hunter may or may not be there lament the movement it's open you may hear slate boos boot could be because she's not there when they announced you'll be at elimination chamber boom quiz she's not there.

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