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And this has been our passion. This what we feel are calling has been so all we know author that you kinda hit on with my military, and I'm a career firefighter, and I was in the army as a crew chief on a Black Hawk, and I recently transitioned to the air force as a firefighter which my ultimate goal is to be an RA, which is a religious affairs. Airman hip, which that's that's my ultimate goal. But yeah, that's my life in a nutshell, and you know, three minutes, but the. Yeah. Also and Taylor I read a little bit about your background to your kind of you know, you've been Christian your whole life. You grew up in Lancaster. And you went to go to Lancaster bible as well assured, it amended Mennonite high school where would you know? So I actually grew up in Carroll county here in okay? And then I and then I decided to I guess transplant myself into Mennonite culture, we turned our own butter and all that good stuff inside of the dorm rooms. And there was it was I love the apple butter up there, by the way, it's so good. I want some of that don't do that too. So yet Taylor give us a little bit. What was your background and and? And how did you kind of eventually get involved with Brandon and you guys get on this journey with brothers? Yeah. Definitely. So like you said I grew up in a Christian home which. Feel like part of it is like the typical kind of cookie cutter, you know, testimony or whatever grew up in a Christian home except across NAS five because I didn't want to go to hell because that was like the sermon that was given that day or so it was like fire insurance at that point and baby. Exactly. And you know it scared. The scared the hell right outta me. So I except a car smells five, and then whatever then my faith became my own. I was in high school, and it's I don't know like my my come to my come to Jesus moment. My like, you know, that classic testimony like part of it is is it as nothing to do with like a youth treat or anything like that. I was literally like there was one day that sports have always been like my life, specifically soccer. It was everything to me. It was like, my dentist was everything. And I was wrapped up in when I was younger. And so basically, all I would ever do is just play on as many Socrates as possibly could with my best friends, and that was that was life. And then there was one day that I had a game. And it was an indoor game it was like a game that didn't even matters a little rec league game. And I was with my best friends where playing and. I there was a there was a there's like tackle that happened in a guy like boarded a girl on our team as a co league. So I like went through into the wall red carded, and I don't know God like hit me on. I ride home. I was like this little like sixteen year old kid driving home by myself. And he just like hit me upside the head with a brick and was like, what are you doing? What are you live in like if that's your response like what are you doing? And so I remember like sobbing my eyes out on driving down the road. And then I called and ironically LIC where we are. Now, it I called one of my best friends, and it was like, hey, let's do this together. Like, let's let's do this thing. Let's try to live for Christ like together, and I made your help with it and everything so I've been fortunate enough to have brotherhood with me from the beginning at the group of friends that were influential in my Walken, that's gotta wear. It all started again like. You said that I went to Lancaster bible college. And yeah, I mean continued to grow there. It was a bible college community and all that stuff, but continue to grow their loved my time there got closer to the Lord got married right out of school. Then we. Got pregnant..

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