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Well, it was interesting because when Fox replayed it and then my Carrera got on, initially when they replayed it, I didn't think they went to the start of really kind of where the whole that was called took place. So I agreed with Mike saying, hey, if you go back and you show it or sooner in the route, and then they showed it, and I just didn't, I didn't see what I thought I saw initially. Now, I will say, I don't think, and I don't think there was a great look at it. I think there was one angle. I didn't see a good look at a real hole for that moment in the game. So I personally didn't like the call. I don't know, though, Dan, if you say, hey, you can't make that call at that point in the game. I don't know that I agree with that premise because I think holding is holding. And that's what the official's job is. You have to be willing to make a call if, in fact, it happened. But from what I could tell and what I saw, I didn't think there was enough there to basically give this not give, but to basically hand the Super Bowl over to Kansas City, the game was over at that point. I didn't feel like there was to me it had to be pretty egregious to where there was just no doubt. And I think the fact that we're sitting here having this conversation and I'm sure people are all across the country, probably tells you there wasn't quite enough there. Yeah, dean blandino, fox's rules analysts going to join us here coming up a little bit. Also, the longer halftime show seemed like that would have benefited mahomes who had the tender ankle. And that must feel interminable when you're just sitting there, did you get to hear the music at all? Did you care who the halftime show was in your Super Bowl? And no, I could care less. You know, and I probably my first Super Bowl was probably the best halftime show in the history of super bowls. And that was Michael Jackson. And I didn't, all I wanted to do was win a Super Bowl day and I know what that meant. I know what that meant to a quarterback now. Michael Irvin, on the other hand, he says that he went out and snuck out there to where he could watch the halftime show and I don't remember that, but I'm not at all surprised by that. You know, that would be expected. If you had input on the cowboys in the off season. Let's say one or two things that you said to Jerry Jones, you got to do this. Or Stan pat, whatever it is. What would you say? Yeah, I think they've I don't think they I don't think they addressed the wide receiver position. When Amari Cooper left, I've always said, Dan, back when back when I was playing, that you're offense is only as good as your third receiver. And now I would say that that might very well be you're only as good as your fourth receiver. And it doesn't have to be a wide receiver. It could be a tight end or you've got to have four pretty solid weapons in today's game if you're going to be the offense that you really need to be to move the football. And so they lose Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup was coming off a major knee injury. He wasn't the same guy that we had seen from him. The workload really came down to CD lamp. So I believe that they will. They tried to when they brought in TY Hilton. There was talk about Odell Beckham. They recognized, I think, throughout the year, where they were limited, and now I think the running back, they're going to have to make some hard decisions in addition to that, to players that have been impactful for them and do they keep them. Guys, for instance, like Zeke Elliott, you know, what's going to happen with him? Right, Thompson did a wonderful profile on Joe Montana during Super Bowl week. And Joe was forever the greatest quarterback of all time. And then Tom Brady blew by him and write Thompson pointed out that Joe kind of struggling with that. You lose your identity as the greatest quarterback of all time as we see the game get farther and farther away from guys like you who've played, like do you ever worry about your place, your Hall of Famer, but do you ever worry about where you are in history? Well, I would say this, Dan, that I've got that article. I haven't yet read it. I've heard it's fantastic. So I'm excited, really excited about reading it. I also Joe Montana was in the league when I came into the league. I watched him when I was in high school and college. I've always felt for the longest time that he was the greatest to have ever done it. And then you lose sight of guys like Otto Graham and those type players that we just didn't get a chance to see. And then I called the game when Tom Brady won his 5th Super Bowl. And I said at that time, I don't think we can dispute it now. This is the greatest that's ever done. And then he's gone on, of course, and then really solidified that opinion. Am I worried, Dan? No one's ever thought I was the greatest. So this is real easy for me. This is, you know, I don't, it's never been that important to me on where I've placed in the list of great quarterbacks. I'm proud of my career. I went into the Hall of Fame. I joined the cowboys. I was drafted by the cowboys to win super bowls. I was able to win three of them. And at the end of the day, that's all that matters. I mean, in my opinion, that's all that matters because that's why we play. And that's why we were drafted. And that's why we get paid. Is to go in championships. And I was able to win three of them. And that stacks up pretty good in the history of quarterbacks, but beyond that, if somebody says, hey, you know, you don't deserve this or you weren't, I don't really care. I'm broadcasting, you know, I'm broadcasting games. I'm not the guy who really wants to sit back and talk about 25 years ago. It's just never been really my thing. And people say, really, well, why is that? And I said, well, you know, it almost be like, if every person who's listening to this, if they were told, you know, hey, let's go back and talk about your junior high days and what those meant to you. And you say, man, they were fun times, but you know, I've kind of moved on from them. And so that's where I'm at. I don't pay a lot of attention to all that. I admire the great quarterbacks and the people that are doing it. Where I'm at and all of that is really pretty irrelevant. You got one quarterback to win one game and you can't pick you. I would. Well, it's a great question. I would say I would either take Joe Montana. I'd probably take Joe Montana. I think Tom Brady would be a close second, but I saw Joe do things. Of course, we've all seen Tom do it as well. One of those two guys, I'd probably go with Joe. It's great to talk to you again and good luck with the beer. It's called 8 elite light blogger and it's Troy Aikman done a incredible job. The first year and starting to branch out. Building the fastest independent beer ever launched in the state of Texas. Great to talk. Do you have a great off season? Thank you, Dan. Always a pleasure. Thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick show podcast. Be sure to catch us live every weekday morning, 9 until noon eastern 6 to 9 Pacific on Fox Sports radio and you can find us on the iHeartRadio app at FSR or stream us live on the peacock app. Hi, this is Jay glazer and you may know me for the world of football or fighting or even shows like HBO's ballers. Well, you don't know. This for my entire life, I have lived in something. I refer to as the gray. Depression, anxiety, so now I'm coming out with a new podcast. Unbreakable, a mental health podcast with Jay glazer, where each week, while we talk about mental health, I hope to describe it. 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