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Of course you know joe. I don't know what to do with the raiders. Now i don't know how it will look different greg. Olson's calling the plays. What are you doing with them. I'm taking kind of a wait and see approach here The guy who expect air car will continue to lean on. Is i mean i wish it was darren waller but it's hunter renfro. Darren waller had a bad drop last week. Kerr missed him. For a long touchdown. Brian edwards had an awful drop last week Just i mean it. Looks like he's feeling the pun and went right off. Its and i think it's renfro waller and josh jacobs. I mean razzano if you're seinfeld fan. Are you seinfeld fan. Yes the raiders. They hate the drake. Fan restarted gets activated last week. It's not it's not long before he's playing snaps over the drake. I i mean i. It's over for kenyan drake at this point unless greg olsen likes them a lot more than jon gruden did Right now the raiders are team in utter turmoil and not really all that appealing for fantasy. I wonder if they do. Lean on the run game and josh jacobs a little bit more the fair point. What about the other side. Yes so i mean. Let's just look at the broncos. A teddy bridgewater has not played. Well the last couple of weeks obviously had the concussion. I think he's probably got a better opportunity to play. While in this game devante williams continues to better than melvin gordon. To me a melvin. Gordon doesn't look bad enough that you're going to take him out So it's really kind of capping which amande williams's right now at the receiver position courtroom sutton's probably going to catch a shadow from pro. Football focuses top graded coverage corner. That's casey hayward not good news for court. In sutton i would. I would wonder if this is more of a noah fan. Tim patrick game for the denver broncos interesting very interesting what about the cowboys and the patriots cowboys patriots. Joe cowboys continue to run the ball with alacrity. I mean they're going out there. They are they big smiles on their faces. Tony pollard ezekiel elliott. Those guys are getting the ball a ton each and every week and what it's done here is it's completely turned off season analysis in our offseason draft strategies on their heads because dak prescott over his last. Four games is dropping back less.

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