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Podcast. We said that we would be gone until comic stores opened again. But we actually had something cool happen. We have a comic creator. Who wanted to join us to talk about the state of things. Federal line is here by the way. Hello and let's just get right to it juergens in today. We have a very special guest. We have writer artist creator. Dan juergens welcome to the show. Sir thank you. It's going to be here. Andrew now you and i have a very complicated history. You don't know this or maybe you do. But the very first article. I ever wrote for game informer which i've been writing for for twenty six twenty seven years was about the death and returns death and return of superman the video game on super nintendo in genesis. Oh okay okay. Which for our listeners. Out there that is one of your biggest stories that you ever roach. Drew created was the death of superman that was event. There's people walking around town with these black wrist or black armbands that came with the comic. I was just like this is one of the biggest comic events i've ever been a part of and it turns out that ended up being the story that launched my video game career. I took that article that magazine to a thunderbird comic book convention and you were doing signings there and i put it down in front of you and you're like oh my god i've never seen this before. Okay okay and i was freaking out because it was a terrible like my my writing was terrible and the editing on it was just as bad like we had no idea what we were doing. We were just a bunch of kids putting together a video game magazine right. Yup flash forward twenty some odd years. I start doing a radio. Show with paul church ian on k. Fan it's a video game show on a sports network doesn't make sense but it turns out. You are friends with paul church right. Yeah so we ended up connecting through twitter that way. And that is how you ended up on this show right. In in the one thing we should clarify. Is that when you refer to the thunderbird so that people don't think of it as a car you're referring to the thunderbird hotel which used to be down around the mall of america in the twin cities and was wholly and totally unique in its own way. Yeah yeah i mean so much. I guess you'd say native american history from the minnesota area. The most stuffed animals like actual animals stuffed. I think i've seen outside of chicago museum. Yeah but once you went upstairs into that that convention room it was magical for comic fans because it was wall to wall just folding tables of comic books it was amazing right in. It was certainly what we had at the time and it served the twin cities very well when other professionals would come in as guests to that show you know they would stay at the hotel as well and it kinda gained the phrase or term twin peaks lodge with a lot of people. So that's also what we thought of it. But it was a lot of i gotta ask you as a writer and artist like you do it all for comic books. What's your favorite part is that the writing is creating is the actual art like seeing it come to life. I never see it as two distinct jobs. And that's people find that odd. I look at it and say i'm a storyteller. I write a story. And i draw a story when i'm doing it all myself because sometimes i write stories for others. Sometimes i draw stories that others have written but when i do it myself i will change the story and make some tweaks to continue to work on the story as i draw so i don't see it as two entirely different tasks for me. It's just being creative and telling a story. If you asked me which. I prefer when i'm working with others. I get a certain amount of juice off working with friends and colleagues and getting inside their heads a little bit to see how they work so. When i'm working with another artist often they will draw differently than i would have but then when it comes in part of the fine is what it looks like and why it's different in ans- because they think differently than i did in. It's the same thing when i draw or other writers where i get inside their head a little bit and i can see oh there. They were approached this differently tonight. Do so we all learn from people. We work with sometimes good sometimes bad for me. It's all part of the storytelling telling process. You are a mainstay rate. Now at dc comics writing night wing. What other series do you have Kind of in the pipeline. I am writing night. Wing also writing batman beyond a i had been doing some work on our exclusive giants line for wal-mart. We have a couple of things coming up yet later. This year that have not yet been announced but should be soon. So you know we're constantly in this. Were weird world where the stuff. I'm working on now is. Let's see it's april so in theory. What i'm doing now are late. June july books and then as we plan. We're looking at fourth quarter so we try. We're ahead so i if you asked me what my last issue number of something was just came out. I would actually have a hard time. i'd have to think about. You said your your head. Is it just business as usual now during this kind of get into the state of the world now. During this lockdown comic books stores are closed and they even stopped production of digital comics because they want the comic stores to thrive right like they want these releases having a physical presence and digital presence. But for you as the creators. Are you still pumping out issues. Getting the edits. Obviously you're not getting the final copies sent in the mail. But where are you at kind of in the process. So you're right We're all in a very strange set of circumstances right now. We are continuing to work. I i mean it's weird because like my wife has homeworking as well right now. The whole neighborhood is home working. And i see people who obviously are working relaxed schedules. I am not one of them. I'm going for it's like for me. Nothing has changed. Obviously the market has changed and what we are still trying to do is figure out you know what exactly is the market. So for example in minnesota comic stores are closed. There are many other states where they are allowed to do curbside pickup so if they have new comics to sell their customer bases can pull up out front. Having ordered down retailer walks out puts them in the back seat or the trunk just like takeout food and they can drive away with their comments. Part of what we're doing is trying to figure out how many of those stores are still wanting new comics versus. How many don't because they're closed by the government what happens when a distributor who basically service the entire industry is no longer shipping books. So we have all these logistical things. Were trying to take care of right now. But in the meantime for us at dc we are continuing to push ahead and create comics with the hope that will be able.

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