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This is google they owned the internet right they they know it kinda peanut butter i have on my anguish muffin so i try to order these twogoal phones i got an email vaccine yep your orders emplaced placed it's great then sunday at three in the morning they say you're were has been cancelled what what is it with me in buying things on the internet um so i dutifully called google that that talking to google you can call him out there in california and they don't have a clue as to why they that order was cancelled i talk to my credit card hey credit card is there any problem my credit note they siaga come in approve you know the the credit card approved the purchase and then they saw google come in and take it away what do i do wrong who they get mad at the internet um but even google themselves couldn't figure out why google kissel my order now again gogel knows what kind of peanut butter right on my english muslim but they themselves couldn't figure out why they themselves cancelled my order it's there 2017 and we don't know how to do online ordering gogel while gogel's and other problems i got signed up somehow for red flag what is that it's a some sort of video and music so like red box yes and at the cost ten dollars ninety nine cents a month but you didn't sign up for it iin sign up for it i got it and they credited me for and it's and they said we won't have this problem again and again well yeah analysis of the third month in a row in that i've been built since they cancelled my order you're kidding i got a confirmation and everything i gotta give them a call again this is why bring this stuff up folks i can't be the only guy with these types of problems i feel like i'm the only guy but i couldn't believe it might cancel moorer who really know where we canceled your holy they cancelled the earth probably in they meant to cancel mine area near this all right let's get to your calls you guys have bigger problems in my problems let's go onto the next car which we rich in kensington herych warren guy morning how you doing good good good.

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