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Champion ten thousand dollars. This is lebatardshow with stugotz on the ticket on the less junior. After three years a lot of guys leave him though to NFL, and I knew I didn't want to go to the NFL without my college degree, and I came back exit for my senior year and turns AGA two for one was able to get to degrees in the time in four years three and a half years and also Mel Twenty-three hundred messages agree that sounds like a drink or so, but you know. The voice of Christian Wilkins, the dolphins first round pick defensive tackle will as we call them. And if we don't probably the most likeable dude in that draft room coming out and jumping. Hi, Roger Goodell. Didn't exactly get what Christian Wilkins was trying to do. But it made for cool pictures Wilkins got up there or we'll because he liked to call them as to be careful. He's gonna hurt himself. Yeah. Especially with those loafers. He's got Sal. So the white ranger reference that you mentioned before it was just a reference to a suit, but he was dressed up as power fellow Power Rangers with his purpose gay. So do you. What do you think like his outfit was a callback because it was white ranger colors with? Yeah. No, the inside of the jacket had the white ranger logo on it. That's yeah. That's so cool. Yeah. As a whole thing that he likes up I was never able to forgive Tommy for how evil he was green ranger. And since I was a red ranger guy. All the way, I was like you're trying to come in on Jason's ground. And then like the pink ranger really liked the green ranger when he started turning good. Good. I was like hold on the leader. Here is the red ranger. And you guys remember a lot about the rain. Do you? Remember the episode where Zach because the team leader like 'cause the green ranger was wearing that that vest of some sort and then the red ranger got to wear for while. There was an episode where Zach to wear it. Do you? Remember, those huge. Remember that flew play. Baseball. No. I don't remember. You know, it was it was raises mad at me. Yeah. Getting ready to strike for that baseball. Hurt again. Share the same thing. Yeah. That's probably that's probably what it sounded. Also like baseball tonight too. Yeah. I didn't like that. He also had is like huge like his body was as big as like the other butts when they all combined green Rangers just born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I didn't like that. They all combined. That's transformer stuff. We'll also have a Power Ranger have your own thing. And captain plan is well was your favorite planet here. With the platinum you can.

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