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Yeah but i would ultra i don't want overthink things too much the teams excellent denied having a hard on building a new area where they don't when the afc east uncontained after the ap championship of course the super bowl as well but there was sort of one area or a couple of air earlier good i was sort of focus in on beating up the camp as not weaknesses but areas that i was just going to have the microscope uh refine just a little bit more task pressure was one of them trey flowers is a terrific player revelers or quote eagled now and such a big deal of what they were able to gain net comeback win burst the falcons in the super bowl about beyond that uh i don't want to the cabinet is bearing for pass rusher thirst with question marks kony ealy was traded by the carolina panthers to the patriots this off eagle it got upside he's also got lincoln of issues uh the kenyans or third round pick on garrick rivers out of young down state but i i would say that like any other rookie of course was an element of perplexed and then paul circled the pass rushers which inc a bitch it some of you will you litany of ways but certainly he will the pass rush her uh it in for the apec mobile too big patriots career he somebody that no longer there to help mentor those young players who got suburban girl field gate with us on dickerson and hood on espn radio the s p anap uh jeff and i've been talking about ob j r interest trying to figure out odell beckham junior hymns he says he wants to be the highest paid player in the nfl do you feel that it's going to happen for him have you heard the same from other players saying and you look at the nba money that's out there field is where we love to get a pizza that how does that work will than ever come to having contracts similar to the nba players i think it's worse breaking down a few different way and start by saying that you know this wasn't some standalone proclamation promote outback him junior i want to be the highest eight or in the nfl the bus in the nfl federa uh you know this within the course of a long interview and it was not a throw a piece of.

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