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Voice ofthe New York 7 10 w O R and I aren't radio station 78 degrees. Partly cloudy skies and 12 o'clock Good morning I'ma show Kabbalah Covert 19 cases in the US are nearing six million with more than 182,000. American lives lost. Cases and clusters of the virus are now found on college campuses everywhere. More from ABC is Trevor Old Corona. Virus outbreaks reported on college campuses. In all 50 States. Cases soaring at the University of Alabama more than 1200 students infected, the University of Arizona appears to have prevented a potential outbreak before it could take hold. University researchers have been testing campus wastewater for covert 19. They detected trace amounts from a dormitory Monday. Promptly testing every student in the building for the virus, identifying in isolating two asymptomatic cases in just 24 hours. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is open for the first time since shutdowns began after five long months. The iconic museum reopened on Saturday with new guidelines. Amid the ongoing pandemic. Visitors must cover their faces and maintain 6 FT. Of social distancing from others and capacity is Captain 25%. Online Reservations. Air required elevator use, Limited and cafe is on ly selling water. The Med says This was the first time the museum had been closed for longer than three days in over a century of existence. The Yankees finally snapped their seven game losing streak. Beating the Mets to toe won a Sunday doubleheader up next year's U W O R Weather Channel forecast. Nice finish to the weekend. With SUNSHINE Sunday SUNSHINE AGAIN Monday, but showers return Monday night into Tuesday. Still a chance for a shower storm here overnight. Otherwise fair to partly cloudy skies. Breakfast time lows mid sixties Lots of sunshine Sunday Upper seventies in the afternoon, meteorologist Ken Bone Start your day with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning weekdays. Still 10 I'ma Show Kabbalah on 7 10 W. O R an NBC News radio station. The following is a paid program. This's the page Publishing book club had their win. I'm Alice Stockton. Rossini. You know, it's no secret some of the most talented people in the entertainment industry battle mental illness. It's their curse. But at the same time, it's often.

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