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Bob constantini reports the clinton campaign is joining in this as donald trump calls the effort fraudulent and the work of cry babys tweet storm sunday from present in the like trump he blasted is a waste of time and money in a fundraising scheme green party can they just trying to work to get a recount in wisconsin an attempt to do the same mm from michigan and pennsylvania and what they hillary clinton campaign joining the effort mr trump reminded his followers that he was criticize before the election for possibly not being willing to accept the results and then let me afternoon the president elect at some trouble accepting something else tweeting quote in addition to winning the electorate college in a landslide i won the popular vote if you d ducks the millions of people who voted illegally mr trump did not elaborate the latest counts have quentin ahead of the present in the liked by two million votes gil stein says their efforts are to investigate possible hacking of electronic voting systems and the clinton campaign while joining in does not believe the overall results will change republican party chair rights previous cap to be chief of staff in a trump white house of fox no sunday criticizing the desire to ordered votes in wisconsin his home state and get hillary clinton wanted to reach out over sixty eight thousand votes this is the contrast the person want to look forward not backward the green party effort has raised to six million dollars there's no evidence of widespread voting machine issues when it comes to would be donald trump secretary of state it's an internal feud that me open campaign manager turn transition advisor kelly and conway on nbc's with the press elaborating on her friday tweet about supporters not wanting mid romney people feel betrayed to think that governor ronnie's you went out of his way to question that characters in the intellect and the integrity of downtown our president elect would be given the most a significant haven't oppose some off previous he's playing up the romney angle is a show of open mindedness the fact that he's actually even flirting with the idea of choosing arrival.

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