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Wright is director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at George Washington University. They don't have somewhere to turn to. This Northern Virginia high school student says the new policy doesn't take into consideration what young people are saying. For politicians to just consider parents views as opposed to students ever. Harms the students in the long run. The award can stain double P news. The White House is warning of deepening defense ties between Moscow and Tehran, Russia is being accused of increasingly relying on Iranian made drones to hit targets across Ukraine. Bakhmut is a key prize in Moscow's quest to seize all of the contested eastern Donbass region. A quest that is only intensified following Russia's humiliating retreat from her son last month. Since then, the Kremlin has also relentlessly been pounding the territory it once occupied. Residents are now relying on heated tents to get warm and to charge their electronics, CBS News correspondent to MTS tayab in Kyiv. He says the fighting in Ukraine has not let up. Coming up here on WTO some news for you just in case you were in desire to own a wolf hybrid. Have you ever wanted to own one? Not recently. Okay, well, there's news for anyone who does. It's coming up. It's 6 36. This week on federal insights sponsored by rancher government solutions, here Tom Hans, the director of container security at rancher government solutions talking about securing containerized applications

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