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Board Sunday and it's been quite a couple of weeks for the N. B. A. hit home I want to get to that right off the bat the NBA compared to all the sports Steve bash prone or is a big time senior writer for NBA dot com a frequent contributor like my friend Plainville title to serious XM one of the best basketball guys in the country out of Chicago but he's cut up to join us on this beautiful Sunday morning in New York City Steve sit here at seventy seven W. A. B. C. how are you pal under her third it's great to have you on a one to get to this you know the baseball hot stove league for me was always the best all season league I think the NFL for his popularity does a terrible job in the off season of keeping people interested yes hotel Beckham got traded this year the dolphins got a young quarterback this year but not a lot goes on I believe what we saw the last five or six weeks from the NBA has catapulted them to the most exciting all season of any support at all it's really don it's really increase the popularity you agree what I don't agree with that you know I remember from one country can about college basketball for instance there were people that follow college basketball there were two games they like being please yes and the passion and other than leading up to the final four and then you have a whole globe's top sort of fans that followed rule crude college basketball and I wasn't sure how many of them actually paid attention to the games once we got there guys on campus it was like all right we're gonna get next year and and it's kinda like that with the NBA I think now with the off season where the attention of the basketball part of it and and the regular season which is no small shore in some cases game spread out the way it is and then of course the playoffs but not been around and get create three and it's in perfect get some people more credit than anything we actually see take place on the court and if you add those groups you know that's a massive fan base it's a worldwide trend days and I think the NBA has achieved its goal cramming about thirteen months of action in the twelve month calendar well let's start with the next year in terms of what teams did you know the fans want to design a on they have to settle for orgy Barrett no real big free agents now believe it or not for the help James told the beating he's taking and you think I mean the band hated what happened some don't my buddies in NYC bands like you know what we don't want the wind in his thirties old beat up we don't want to hide we in his thirties are top got it done along with you know we like the Knox and Barrett young guys you get Julius Randle and now we gear up again for all the free agency period in a couple of summers so what is the truth to the Knicks really pale here or with the almost kind of smart by allowing those veterans to go to Brooklyn I don't there if they allow they may have not completed through right that's my when I say allow they don't go there you go above and beyond to out do than that to get Kevin Durant to Madison Square Garden right worker pelos vehicle philosophy that a lot of small market have to embrace because they don't have a lot of choice they can't draw the big name free agents and it's it's not something that we've associated with larger markets big revenue markets like New York Los Angeles Miami now I think it's become that because it's such an attractive place for players to live I don't know strikes me as rationalization frankly by the next I think the pairing the Nile all their image within the player ranks of the NBA but they are not seen destination market necessarily and and so now what do you do you put a spin on it and say well no no no we want to grow more likely yeah that's fine but in the meantime your corner the market on on second or third tier powerful words you know it's like you're gonna have crazy Jim's powerful we'll be able to you know if other teams meet one all our house all but it's not that inspire actually with that I mean when when the draft was coming up I actually wrote that I I was hoping to York would get the number one pick in the lottery because you know it's sort of their stand but maybe not the management or you know anyone else but the fans of the necks of sort of paid their dues are paid the penance and you know it it's it's hi and and that didn't happen so knows I am and then as soon as Oklahoma City triple George airport who was put to the next I mean that at least would be you know some pretty dynamic entertainment that hasn't happened either so you know at some point something's gotta DO it's been a long time for New York basketball fans and I almost feel like you know they are they are they deserve it now yeah right I agree with it is what it was that both sides I'm a big fan and I'm very very upset Steve aspirin or senior writer NBA dot com and contributed to cause serious sex you mentioned Russell Westbrook dimension Miami as an F. destination and it is first of all there's no state tax down in Florida second well they've got Pat Riley who may be the greatest basketball man ever I lived down there for all those years when they had James Wade and bosh and Wade and Shaq but I was surprised they do get Jimmy Butler in the trade with Billy Steve but I would have thought they have the inside track on getting Westbrook as well we see now teams are putting together to superstores at once Miami did not get Westbrook what was not the case well I mean I think they were competing with with Houston it wasn't easy for the he could do it I mean they had to make the numbers work for salary matching and I think that the the rockets maybe had a you know a quicker and simpler dealing in essence with with Chris Paul I'm not sure we've seen the last of us Sam press three the Oklahoma City general manager in terms of you know maybe moving Chris Paul on he might be the guy that ends up in Miami I want all of sudden done so I really would look forward to seeing Westbrook and Jimmy Butler play together and and sort of sort things out but that would have been I think a triple eight versions of what we're gonna see where James harden and Russell Westbrook sorting things out there I mean there there there there by warmer duration allowed only play with one basket interesting with the rockets yeah just yeah who's uses rate is going to take a bigger hit just imagine when they were kids ed dot Kevin Durant and the three of those guys play together in Oklahoma City of course they lost to James Wade and bosh and the heat in the NBA finals but they were together at one point all three in OKC Steven we talked about Los Angeles two things here first of all with Leonard and Paul George do they become the favorites to win the west and secondly what do you think lettered sign just a three year deal with the clippers well the the signing that deal I don't think it's so much he wants to our shop around I think it's there he will then bye bye have giving these next two years and still qualify for the larger maximum contract which would mean he gets thirty five percent of the salary cap rather thirty percent of the salary cap amount and you don't get there ten years and for that so I think that's why he did it you want to be able to negotiate a new deal most likely with the clippers unless something really go sideways for that to that team in the next two years it's just a a bargaining he's willing to gamble on the long term security that occurred gotten for years by going to and then getting in for your deal at that point are you a five year deal I guess tell me about the Lakers then they come out the clippers with lebron James with Davis that was a huge trade and Kyle clues much is still there how the Lakers done in office all season to compete with teams like like the clippers like Golden State heck maybe the Utah Jazz yeah we'll see that's when you know you asked about you know the clippers and I'm sorry I don't know what the reason in the last right now I don't know that there's a favorite in the keys which you know necessarily implies I don't think there's a favor for the NBA championship next spring I think the what we see is a bunch of teams now are ready to go ready to go toe to toe the clippers could be right there with anybody but I think the Lakers you know those are I think it gave us for what he brings already and what is going to be comparable workers I mean a tremendous acquisition no doubt about it I didn't like the way it was raised last season with the with the the fact that Davis reasons hand I wanted out of New Orleans bad bad thing they should just waited for the summer as it finally transpired but I also think that we're going to see the best lebron dreams that were ever going to see in terms of what's left he'll have had the longest off season in years and he's only gonna get older so you know this time I think I think lebron's going to have a monster season in between those two guys I think that they will be you know in the hunt you know in the Western Conference working that wasn't even in the playoffs White River I'm not ready to call anybody a favorite at this point let's say again you the Lakers the clippers all the rockets the jazz Golden State you see in the east Stephen Robert up with this the bass pro terrific conversation senior writer NBA dot com contributed to SiriusXM in the east it's a two team punch that's it I mean open that's get better with the ribbing maybe next year with the rant they take the next step they need Boston they lose Horford they bring in Kemba Walker I look at the east it's are the Milwaukee or Philly and I actually think Philly by getting al Horford who nobody talks about who may be the best player in the NBA that nobody talks about I think Philly took this step they needed to take even with losing Reddick to move ahead of Milwaukee so for me I got seventy Sixers one box too and at a distance for three in the east what do you think script that's Christmas when I mean I think the sixes came very very close to being in the finals on this past season because if that if that ball that bounced off the rim but Kawhi Leonard put up there in Philadelphia wins after restarting the curriculum walkie you know some real sense in the only the ball bounces off the rim but god for bid their best player who really had a great season shows up one of those games join beat he's got to get better here well it from him I mean that's that's under their control you know that's just not a fluke of things I do think that hello here I look at them at this point is different from what they they were the season but not necessarily better I'm Judy Rettig shooting they need shooting cannot carry it a player like Ben Simmons you know who who not only doesn't you know doesn't shoot well he doesn't shoot he won't take those shots and even just try to keep the defense honest then you've got to get better as a shooter and Jimmy Butler you know I think he caused a lot of friction even in Philadelphia much as he had in Minnesota and Chicago but he stepped up and those guys a lot in the playoffs you know those two series so I idea I agree with you they've got the potential to even be are you know a favorite and and control the east but they've got to do it al Horford could be tremendous player to have on the court and off the court but he's kind of a half time player at this point I think is a twenty four of twenty six minute kind of guy so you know that's that's not necessarily going to be a dominant change just return soon a nice yeah if you can give up to the Butler but you know he has to go into that kind of a player so we'll see and and more stuff back when Malcolm rock right a great shooter great resources will guide who as I I saw a lot of them I probably saw them live more than any other team last season and not the Brockton for about five minutes of most close games he would grab those games and and do two or three things in each hand that could swing that in the box favor and I think that's going to be sorely missed see this was a yelp one conversation a great conversation I read your stuff on NBA dot com all.

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