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On patrick ward we were looking for him to to see what this protection he's got on the ground he is hiding gene chung an american june as it races racist actually my name is cranston warwick i change the palace anti when i got somebody else's italian amid i ask go ahead go ahead is he racist gene is it racist incidents it could be construed as offensive to some mark i don't think it's racist whom uh italians are part of the white race last time i checked through using racist it could be it could be construed as offensive to some money i would shrug it off dan because i am not easily offended the underground radio lately in i haven't shakes you know i've got other fish to fry and if i see patrick ward the i'll just give a little little nod godfather what should i do a patrick what how you want to handle this much like the least key clemens and that's it alone reliable people people that are going to be carried away you will not murder spy us 100 said this as i have to handle what's going on and fun sitting reggiana tell you hit a it he is the one thing after another have actually hear the teachers' union suggesting gender could be to blame between the tentacles in the mirror wasn't she good mary beth collaborator earth teacher's union you remember a peter parker in the spiderman moving before uncle pen gunshot what's it my problem that's what she told terry house that my problem mr mandelson teachers you're on that you're on the beginning of anarchy over there shouting down a lawyer that she doesn't give a youknowwhat as she told terror that yesterday i'll have that coming up but first when we come back i want to tell you what the judge sonia sotomayor yours sonia from the brock's.

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