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Laura dern is reply reprising her beloved jurassic park role in the new movie jurassic world dominion the idea. Let's go back and see the dinosaurs and see what happens if any of us are going to get eaten. Probably have sam and in this in this jurassic park world right that that that she lives in all right her character. Dr elliott sadler linden. People gotta die. She knows what's been happening. It's not like she hasn't seen the news right. Oh hey they reopened it and it went horribly wrong since the since you been here. Dr e. sadler. We have had so many things. Go wrong instance. Nothing in look. I'm sorry jurassic park in jurassic world. They're starting to get into fast and furious territory which is not good right. I got i got a movie. Burn the place down. That's going to be the whole movie. We're gonna burn it down and never go back because too many people have died. I got. I got a movie to razek park. Stop making dinosaurs. How about that there. We go earth. We're going to do the movie where the comet hits the park you know. Boom it's going re relive the here's the thing once that alligator popped out of the water. You remember that scene. Yeah the last one yup dinosaur that bates dangling yeah and then that that big oil alligator comes up. Snatches that thing once you see that you would think like i'm good. That's all i need to see. I'm going back home. yeah. I'm going to have nightmares the rest of my life by the way. Just walking around nonchalantly around this park and then knowing disneyworld knowing the history of said park of the jurassic park or do have do. We have a contingency plan. If and when this giant swimming murder machine breaks out of its cage and then gets into the ocean. I mean come on. Now come on. Yeah it is. It's getting a bit much. Yeah i mean just like fast and furious. How many movies can you make about driving cars around a vastly just. Like how many movies can you make about a dino park just not doing anything right and just people dying left and right all right. The saw series right now. Hey there's money to me brock. So the moment millions tallies is out there in the air. Dude so the gotta make it. The moment the guy got got eaten in the porta-pottys should have been it. They'd be like we're done with this. We're done we've done everything we need to do. It's done so we'll see. I don't know are you on board with the cgi. It looks good. I'm not bitching about it but it's not the same the first one not the animatronic. Where where was that. He did it right. Yeah they've officially jumped. The mega don shark is what it is. That's where they have. They've done it anyway. We'll see what happens. We'll see maybe it's a great movie. I don't know i don't want to offend my Our german brethren. I got a message from frank earlier because he was giving me crap about not knowing porsche or porsche. These german car. But i do gotta say sorry to our german brethren. It is national american beer day today that american american beer. We're putting it out american style. That's right it's my son. George washington raise in his class son. Yes we That's the difference between american beer and all the other peers. I don't know just because it's made here in america. It's made in the states. The oldest american breweries still operating today is Ying-ling that's over in pennsylvania been giving people drunk since eighteen twenty nine look. There are some great american beers. I'm not going to sit here and say that we have the best beers all right. I think we have comparible beers because you go to some other places actually. I'm pretty sure like germany. Beer is like a breakfast drink. isn't it for sure. Babies can drink beer over his wife's pretty sure. And i'm sure they. I'm pretty sure they do but do other. Countries have the selection of beer that we have. Maybe we have a lot of here we do. I think we almost have too many now. Granted you know we. We have a lot of area to cover. And there's a lot of different things. I've got to the point where it's it's almost exhausting thinking about all the different peers. You know like if you just wanna go say hey. I want a beer which to side note. Sorry i got like nine things in my head right now. You know what kills me like in tv show remover like i'll take appear and then the bartender doesn't say like okay. I'm just going to go grab a random beer for this person. You know beer. I'd rather have the big take. I guess they gotta pay for but yeah you can't say brin it just kills me though it's like you. Just give me a beer like any other bartender in the real world. Actually your life before they look at you like okay. What kind of beer. There's a whole year go on. You can be more specific. That basically i'll be back. Here's a list of dealer's choice buddy. Figure it out anyway so on national american beer day not that we don't appreciate those other beers but if you want freedom beers you drink american. German beers dark darker. Thicker is our seltzer thing. And other countries. No i think they. I don't think they do many seltzer. I can't say though. I don't know for sure maybe seltzer bill. Hey frank ourselves seltzer big germany. Let me know email me. Otherwise is huge here. Huge here but gio allowed because these farther away in germany. The mike loud. He's over in germany. Yeah hey guys. Drake different pairs of their. Jerry is farther away all right. So what do we got. We got way too many jurassic park movies. And it's a it's freedom beer day today. that's what it is marg freedom. that is your morning dump. We will be back the morning dub brought to you by pump. That septic clean your septic today with pump that seth dick call them today to six nine four four five seventy seven seventy seven or visit pump. That septic dot com..

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