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Rose during the heat wave call three one one to find. The one, nearest you now in other news police are still investigating. The death of an eight month old baby boy who was found floating in the East River today. Wearing only a diaper WCBS, reporter, Mike sugarman. Has the details I talked to a man a, homeless man Lou he was one of two people who saw the body he described only wearing a diaper about, a year old just floating here. In the, river, the other, man he was. With a chiropractor CPR he could bring it back to life Don't know exactly what happened here all they know is. That they believe. It was a baby eight months. To a year old found here in the East River along the East River Mike sugarman WCBS NewsRadio eight hundred eighty. Still lots of questions swirling after some. Terrifying moments at an upper Westside. Restaurant today police say a man jumped out of a walk in freezer at Sarah Beth restaurant on Amsterdam avenue and eightieth street grabbed a knife and. Just started attacking employees workers were able to wrestle the man to the ground call police then the man suffered some kind of medical emergency was. Rushed to St. Lukes, hospital where he died no one knows how the man got into the freezer in the first place no one on therapy staff recognize the fifty four year, old and he wasn't a. Former employee either police still, trying to piece this. One together the investigation is ongoing in queens there's been. An arrest now in the attempted rape of a woman outside of her apartment building and. Happened on Friday, police have arrested thirty four year. Old Christopher proof that from port St. Lucie Florida in the case. The victim Judy link told CBS. To about the terrifying encounter here is trying to reach and grab my arm lake and then try to flee from him to try to come at me. And tried to grab me again The attack with. Caught on surveillance video proof says now charged with attempted rape unlawful imprisonment, stalking and drug possession on Long Island gas station worker Glenn head arrested. In the shooting death. Of a co worker following a heated argument we. Get more from, WCBS Steve. Byrne Lawrence grammar had worked at the citgo in Glen head for fifteen years but she award had been there less than a. Year, Cording to police during. The entire time, there was friction and they did not get along Nassau County police commanding officer Steven Fitzpatrick says the two got into, a fight on Friday grammar returned on Saturday with a gun in case things got heated again they did After they had these words Mr Graham. Went to his car. And got the Cayman shot the thirty five year. Old was pronounced, dead at. The scene Fitzpatrick says grammar accused ward of taunting him calling. Him names in addition police say the pistol wasn't legally owned third. Conviction, for felony Which makes him a convicted felon would be a. Hang on grammar stayed silent as he was. Led out of police headquarters in, Mineola Steve burns WCBS NewsRadio, eight eighty coming..

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