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Thing. And then later she'll get down on both knees. I five on the ring. The ring situation with the mike situation though 'cause a lot of times they'll be a lot of videos people hired but not be able to hear you. Far away doesn't matter between youtube at that point. It's just between you grabbed jeremy clear audio. How old are you by the way. i'm thirty. One thirty one good. That's good twenty minutes now rushing it. Thanks have a great day thing. I want him hundred seven. Eight two seven nine eight seven i got. I got an email here that i want to share with you. And i think it's going to relate a lot of people are going to be able to relate to it. Okay where are you have somebody who's butting into your relationship but this just sounds man like a total nightmare. We'll do that right after the break here on the woody. Show hang tight. We'll just found a really gross video on the internet to check it out more. Woody show next really shout art. Here is the email i was talking about. This is from Alice it says hoy show needs some advice. But i hear some background info. I'm twenty four. I've been with my boyfriend for eight years years ago. We decided to move in together at his parents house so we can get rid of our debt and save some money. We are finally debt free and currently apartment hunting. It just so happens that his family has decided that they want to look for their forever home. Which i thought was perfect. Timing considering that we were planning on moving out soon anyway right awesome so his parents start looking at home. We went to a couple of open houses with them and they begin to ask us what we were looking for in the future home. I was confused because we never said we were planning on moving in with them. They just kept trying to convince us. Now this is where. I need advice. His family wants us to move in with them but they also want my sister-in-law her husband and her kids to move in in total. That's eleven people including me sway their mansion. Can you imagine eleven people in one home l. How no. My boyfriend. And i decided a long time ago that we didn't want kids. I also don't like being around kids so the idea of living with kids that aren't mine. Full-time is a deal breaker for me. I have been looking forward to having our own apartment for what feels like forever but now my mother-in-law which i think it's funny like this. My boyfriend true calling her. The mother-in-law my mother-in-law has this one big happy family under one roof situation. Going and i'm not for it. She tells me that. I'm trying to pressure her son into moving out and start a family when that's not the case at all. She said she just wants to She just wants us to live with her because she can't imagine living away from her son. Oh i don't know what to do. How do we make understand that. No is our final answer or my being a bitch year to not seeing it from her perspective. I'd really appreciate some insight. I get that. She's trying to help us. Not spend so much money on rent but at the expense of living with ten other people and some screaming children pass pass by that is from ellis nuclear me start with this. She's not trying to help you not spend so much money. She has separation anxiety with her son which there are a lot she was like a beverly goldberg. If you watch the cadillac. Oh yeah like a like a a smother. Yeah you know where she doesn't want the kids living away from her at all. Nope can't it down the street. Forget it she wants him in the house and so that's her mental hangup. That's something that she needs to figure out. And i think you are in no way shape or form obligated to follow her desires when it comes to where you and your boyfriend are gonna live now. The boyfriend that's his mom and so he's going to have to deal with that but this is not your situation a deal. The boyfriend sounds is the one who needs to make. He's got step up. Yeah she didn't really elaborate on that. She says. Xactly our our decision to leave. But i don't know it doesn't seem like he's sleeping that much of a momma's boy they say. I don't think he wants his day. Guess is that he doesn't wanna stay decision. Made you know that he doesn't want to stay but at the same time like he's a puss when it comes to his mom which There's there's a difference between respecting your parents respecting your mom loving emma and then just letting them control your whole life and so it may come down to alice that you need to put it out there that it's either going to be what is mom wants or you tone. You guys have been together. It sounds like you had this Plan you're on the same page with things. But if he can't stand up to the mom now that's gonna be a nine. I would i would. Meniskus cues this generate this. I would say it's also a health hazard that countries and neighborhoods with a lot of people living under the same roof. use kovin. yeah they have way yes. It's true fact. They've way higher rates transmission of diseases in these trying times people under the same roof says lawmakers were definitely a mexican mom could be. Randy's mom in the future yeah. Do you think readies mom are ever going to let them move out. I don't know. I don't know i don't know i don't even see randy moving out zone. Yeah what does he need our. Yeah yeah randy. He's the man of the house my future brother brother-in-law. I don't see him moving out in though he has a job. And how old is he. He's twenty six now. Wow geez ready. Think your mom's ever gonna let you move out. Yeah for me it's i. I'm going to try something new i mean. Do you in the girlfriend talk about getting a place together. I think you guys have been together. How long are going on three years. Three years talked about moving in together. We talk about are waiting for her to finish up her degree. And you make some decent money. So i can just kind of leech on talking about but also i. I definitely agree as far as culturally this this could very easily. Just be something. That's insisted on upon being a part of my girlfriend has already said her goal. When we first started dating was to get a house big enough to house. Her parents see that on those. Hdtv shows all the time. Where like they're all while. I need room for my mother-in-law. Thanks i love my mother-in-law at all. It's just like okay if it's a temporary thing there's something going on fine. I'm planning on that for my parents. Were at least one of them when one of them goes whichever one goes i the other one i plan on having them live with me. I'll be in my sixties by that you don't and you don't know that they might really say regular people to this is so odd gregory. You wanna tell yourself up. I'm living my true self. It's a male thing to think with the sons Keeping them at the house as long as attachment and by the way. Yeah a house. Are you looking for his eleven people right house that many people throwing in on it also. Yeah it's a big financial thing that you know people have cheap living and then you that's why sometimes you dry house and there's like a ton of nice cars because they're all paying a couple of hundred bucks the neighborhood like that yeah. The past wiser a bmw in the driveway. W could afford your own apartment. I will thank you for the email if you got a question that you like to have brought up for a future. What show helpdesk hit us up. Email at the woody showed dot com email at the.

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