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Weather on the 8s to rich hunter in the TOP traffic center And some good news Stephanie sapon three 95 just south of the interchange for green road to down tree cleared from the roadway so all lanes have been reopened though left overlay Nord found three 95 remains in good shape between the beltway and the 14th street bridge no incidents in your way the express signs available to northbound travelers same goes for 95 95 north from Fredericksburg to Stafford and the Prince William across the occupant and up to the beltway in Springfield good start this morning no major issues in your way Eastbound 66 just east of the interchange for two 34 subtly wrote did have one stopped in the right lane at one point That may have been cleared so you should hopefully find all lanes Japanese pound 66 in manassas just beyond two 34 suddenly rode out loud and county stretch of stumptown road closed each way This is going to be west of U.S. 15 between new valley church road and bank field drive that was also due to a down tree across the roadway in Maryland still no change 50 east pound all traffic diverted to go to four 24 davidsonville road That due to the crash that occurred late last night early this morning on east found the U.S. 50 right near the south river bridge so just west of I 97 on the westbound side traffic does get by by staying to the far right but eastman again everyone's still being diverted to four 24 For all of your residential and commercial heating needs to choose the 5 star heating experts that crop Metcalf call one 800 go crop or visit crop Metcalf dot com rich hundred WTF traffic Mike standiford has a look at the weather forecast and a messy Monday And good morning Stephanie You're watching a band of snow that's develop along I 66 from fair oaks to around the fairfax area So that may reduce a little bit.

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