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Mischievous? The ball bounded air putting back more at six foot seven for Auburn on the left the ball tossed in the air tap back to Jared Harper over controls and journeys into the right hand off the Dumbarton first of all. Far left on the deck running shop right off the rebound. Forgets. Kansas for preseason number one team. Gooky today, ligaments here just before big twelve well-placed started Lawson double down low Haslemere without a plan pulse. Harper Auburn great early double team, come high with hands. Keith zigzagging the right in line. Right Graham, this high post its tip by Auburn. Family Dunbar Kansas possession. Auburn showing suppressor what kind of pressure? Can they bring a lot of times? They're going to pick you up just to try to make you make a mistake. Then they'll fall back to half four in half court line is where they really start to get Hansie and try to be active in passing lanes as well. Did not Trump. The entry finally found Lawson tippy toeing the dribbles it up for toxic fake, right rental. FCC tossup topper lawsuit. Good high low crops, reverse at home. Yes. The help came but it came from the grossly undersized. Jared Harper Kansas. Struggled in the first round winning is northeastern good sign for Kansas to get him going early on the low block outside rights news Harper. Sees they believed had holy the tiger. Macklemore? Any jumps into tired of taking role and Quinton Grimes. Should've been the helper. Coming up on the core. He did not easy there for Auburn sprints of up. The right side line picked up by the grossly emphasize farm. Football screen roll rights. A little caught by Walson feeds life for Johnson. Dr right on Lawson street, look down low. Waukesha, puts the head down the lane running shot right handed out. Soaring. Auburn rebound from Harper. Strong contact from Washington. Hill Paul four to offer. Good start by Auburn. Push the ball in transition, which is where they're at their best finish at the room. Bruce, parole coaching. Flushed red-faced barking out commands grind he's right corner. Thompson head fake on the free up. Dunbar extent surpassed the crotch quarter force to Lawson poked by Auburn, not free. Tiger balm. Kiki to Harper. Harper contested. Tigers. This pace is auburn's liking defensively activity double the post game the passing lanes. Get out in transition Dopson, the freshman point. Brian the extreme toss right apology wide open hesitant three. Thank MRs in. And out of our last touch lawsuit was tippy toeing the Auburn ball, Kansas. Look sluggish you. They absolutely look sluggish Auburn coming out with all the energy. I've had a good possession on the offensive in has Kansas a little bit out of sorts. Kansas destroyed north eastern. Auburn barely survived in Mexico state. Flopped back with more hops on the air. It can't finish on the catcher tap on a feed for. Kansas. Seventy. The big guy McCormack down low hop. Suitable a toddler, outshot whistle. John David McCord, if could probably play the worst of the Kansas regulars do nights ago was off to a great start. Time bid got the ball in the low block. He's taking his time used his size advantage already more than his season average with four here. This after noon. The foul will go to macklemore. Probably been most active player. So McCormick shooting the free. Throw fifty nine percent shooter. Free throw in the air and doing sixteen forty five to go first half seventy-five offered cancer subaquatic Marcus Garrett in the little smaller GARRETT'S a really big best perimeter defenders. Scott good length is able to slide his feet laterally. And he's got great anticipation. Brings it presented Dotson on switch. He's picked up by. Eric Palmer twinkly shield, right? Dribbling left along to a key. Contested puts it on the deck, hops along which true over the other side stocks targets. Jackson the other end. Six sacks outside right? Jim. Touch look quarter. Gary kitchen on the decks driving on. Talks by Grassi look quarter. For garrett. Jesus is putting somehow keeps driven clothing shop off target. Great Boxing Board underneath Spencer was up to touch passes left corner. Brown wide open. Proud berries. But triple chancellor says, Tom. Five over. Auburn is unique in transition is that they run deep corners and get their shooter space. Bryce, Brown leaves the SEC.

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